TherapyPortal: Your Custom Client Portal

TherapyPortal is your own, unique client portal that you can customize to suit the needs of your practice. Your custom client portal is included with your TherapyNotes subscription at no extra cost and facilitates a paperless intake process.

With your client portal, you can:

  • Customize your portal with your own logo and color scheme to match your brand
  • Allow clients to view when clinicians are available for appointments
  • Allow either new clients, existing clients, or both to securely submit requests to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments online
  • Give clients the ability to view and manage their upcoming appointments
  • Share important documents with your clients for them to review, electronically sign, and/or complete and send back to you

All functionality on the client portal is optional, allowing you to choose how your clients and visitors to your portal can interact with your practice online. Every function of your client portal is tied directly to your TherapyNotes account to ensure a seamless workflow.

Everything you need to customize and manage your client portal can be found in your Client Portal settings and on the Portal tab of each client's chart.

Enabling and Customizing Your Portal

Getting started with TherapyPortal is as simple as clicking a checkbox. Click the User Icon > Settings > Client Portal and select Enable your client portal.

If you've uploaded a logo to TherapyNotes, your practice logo will be featured on your portal automatically. Configure exactly how you want your client portal to work using the options in your Client Portal settings.

For additional instructions for setting up your client portal, read How To: Set Up and Customize TherapyPortal.

Inviting Clients to Create Accounts

Easily invite your clients to create a secure account with your portal by sending them a welcome email from the Portal tab of their chart. Clients can access their account using the email address they have on file in TherapyNotes, their date of birth, and a secure password that they create.

Have a parent that needs access to portal resources for two or more of their children? Simply ensure that the parent's email address is on file in TherapyNotes for each of the children, send an invitation for one client, and link subsequent clients to the same account on the Portal tab of their charts.

For more information, read How To: Manage Client Portal Access.

Managing Appointment Requests

Any appointment requested by a client on TherapyPortal automatically shows up in your TherapyNotes account for you to approve or deny. Requests that are pending your approval will appear right on your To-Do list.

For more information, read How To: Approve or Deny Client Portal Appointment Requests.

Sharing Documents and Forms

Electronically send documents that you've uploaded to your Document Library and add client-specific files to include in document requests. Send anything from homework to informative diagrams for your clients to review at their leisure. TherapyNotes also includes a pre-made Patient Information Form, a fully-integrated online intake form that corresponds to the Patient Info tab of a client's chart.

If you need a signature from your client, there's no need to print out documents for your client to sign in the office. Simply send the document via TherapyPortal and request a signature, and your client can draw their signature on their phone or computer. A secure, legal record of their signature will be available to your client in their TherapyPortal account and to you in their chart in TherapyNotes.

If you have a custom form for your client to complete, send the form (such as a fillable PDF, Word document, or other file type) to your client via TherapyPortal. Your client simply has to download the form, complete and save the form on their computer, and upload their completed form to TherapyPortal™. Their completed document will be added to their chart right within TherapyNotes. 

For additional instructions for sharing documents and forms with your clients, read How To: Share Documents With Clients on TherapyPortal and How To: Share and Process the Patient Information Form.

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