Approve or Deny Client Portal Appointment Requests

Your custom client portal allows clients to view when clinicians are available for appointments and submit requests to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments. TherapyPortal integrates seamlessly with TherapyNotes, and any appointment request made through your practice's portal automatically appears for you to review in TherapyNotes.

To maximize convenience for your clients, don't forget to invite your existing clients to use your client portal for scheduling and managing appointments. To learn how to invite your clients to your portal, read How To Manage Client Portal Access.

In order to receive appointment requests online through TherapyPortal, the client portal must be enabled for your practice. For more information and to learn how to customize who can submit appointment requests through your portal, read How To Set Up and Customize TherapyPortal.

Role Required: Practice Scheduler, Clinician (for assigned patients), or Intern (for assigned patients)

Locate Pending Appointment Requests

Follow one of the methods below:

  • Click To-Do > Confirm appointment requests To-Do list item OR
  • Click Scheduling > Appointment Requests link at the bottom right of the calendar OR
  • Click Scheduling and look at the calendar. Appointment requests appear on the calendar with (Requested) and a striped background.


On the Appointment Requests page, you can view information about when appointments were requested for, which patient requested the appointment, whether the client is new to your practice, the Status of the request, and the Type of request (New, Cancellation, or Reschedule).

For reschedule requests, the date and time of the originally scheduled appointment is listed in the Original Appt. column. By clicking on the Select Columns link at the top right of the table, you can also select to display when the appointment request was made, the date of birth for the client, and which clinician the appointment was requested for.

By default, the Appointment Requests page shows all pending requests within the past year. To view older appointment requests, completed appointment requests, or otherwise filter which requests are shown, click on the Advanced Search link.

Approve an Appointment Request

  • Click on the appointment request on the calendar OR click the Status of the corresponding request on the Appointment Requests page.

(A) Request details: Details about the requested appointment and the client are shown in the grey area at the top of the Appointment Request dialog. Here, you can view the date, time, and service type the client requested an appointment for and details about any additional appointments the client is already scheduled for.

(B) Appointment details: Edit the appointment details such as Type, Service Code, or Duration as necessary. You can also add an Appointment Alert.

  • Click the Create Appointment button.

Once you have approved an appointment request, TherapyNotes automatically emails the client to confirm that their appointment request was approved. If you made any changes to the original requested appointment, those details will also be included in the automated email.

Deny an Appointment Request

  • Click on the appointment request on the calendar OR click the Status of the corresponding request on the Appointments Requests page.
  • Review the request details.
  • Click the Decline Request button.

When you deny an appointment request, TherapyNotes does not email the client. Contact the client directly to let them know that you denied the request.

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