Manage Client Portal Access

Role Required: Practice Scheduler, Clinical Administrator, Clinician, Intern, or Supervisor

Depending on your practice's settings, giving your clients access to your client portal allows them to conveniently request new appointments, easily view and manage existing appointments, join telehealth sessions, and review and sign documents that you share with them online. 

TherapyNotes allows you to easily manage client portal access on a per-client basis directly from each client's chart. Inviting your clients to your practice's client portal, resetting portal passwords, and revoking portal access are as simple as a few clicks.

Inviting Clients to Use Your Portal

For security, clients must have both an email address and a date of birth on file in order to log in to the client portal. Before giving a client access to your practice's client portal, click Patients > Patient name > Info tab and verify that the client has a date of birth and email address on file. If not, click anywhere on the Patient Information box to edit, complete the Date of Birth and Email Address fields, and click the Save Changes button.

To invite a client to sign up for your client portal:

  • Click Patients > Patient name > Portal tab

  • Under TherapyPortal Access, click the Send Welcome Email button. This sends a client portal invitation to the client's email address with a unique link to create an account.

Alternatively, if you would like to send documents to your client through TherapyPortal before they've been invited to the client portal, you may click the Share Documents button and prepare the documents you want to share. Doing this will automatically send a welcome email to the client, and the documents you share will be available to the client as soon as they sign up for their account. For more information, read Share Documents With Clients.

The date and time the welcome email was sent is visible under TherapyPortal Access. If there was a problem sending the welcome email, click the Resend Welcome Email button. This button will become active five minutes after the last email invitation was sent.

Client portal account creation

In order to create their account, the client must verify their identity by entering their date of birth. The date of birth entered during the account creation process must exactly match the date of birth associated with the client in TherapyNotes. Once a client successfully creates an account for your client portal, the sign up date, last login information, and login email address for the client is visible under TherapyPortal Access.

Managing Existing Portal Accounts

To reset a client's portal password:

  • Click Patients > Patient name > Portal tab
  • Under TherapyPortal Access, click the Reset Client's Portal Password button.

The client will receive an email with a link to reset their password. This link is only active for 24 hours.

To remove a client's access to the portal:

  • Click Patients > Patient name > Portal tab
  • Under TherapyPortal Access, click the Remove Portal Access for This Patient button.
  • A warning dialog will appear. Click the Remove Access button.

Linking Multiple Clients to the Same Portal Account

One portal account may be used to manage appointments for multiple clients, such as when a parent or guardian has multiple children under their care. To link multiple clients together in the same portal account, the clients must have the same email address on file in TherapyNotes. Once the portal account is created for one of the clients, other clients may be added to the account.

To add a client to an existing portal account:

  • Verify that the clients you wish to link have the same email address on file.
  • Click Patients > Patient name > Portal tab

  • Under TherapyPortal Access, click the Link Patient to Portal Account button.

Once completed, the portal account will have access to request, view, and manage appointments for both clients. More clients can be added to the same portal account by repeating the steps above.

At any time, you may click the Remove Portal Access for This Patient button to remove that single client from the portal account. If there are multiple portal accounts for that email, a dialog box will appear with the option to click to Remove Portal Access for All Patients, this will remove all of the linked clients' access to the portal.

Viewing Portal Account Status on the Patients List

You can see which clients have active portal accounts on the Patients list, rather than going into individual charts to view the information. To view portal account status from the Patient list:

  • Click the Patients tab.
  • Enter a patient name in the Search field, or choose a clinician or payer from the Assigned to dropdown, and/or make a selection from the Filter dropdown. 
  • Click the Search button. 

Results will appear in the table below the search section. The TherapyPortal column will indicate if the patient has an active portal account.

A green check mark indicates the patient has an active portal account.

A gray minus symbol indicates the patient does not have a portal account or their account is inactive.

No symbol indicates there is no email address on file for the patient.

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