How To: Process Electronic Signatures and Paperwork From Clients

When a client completes a document request by electronically signing the document, uploading a completed document, or submitting a form through your client portal, you'll receive an alert on your To-Do list to Process portal document responses. This allows you to keep track of incoming paperwork from clients.

Any electronic signatures or documents uploaded by your clients will be attached to the original document you sent to the client in their chart, allowing you to keep your records lean and organized.

Role Required: Any

To review signed and completed documents:

Note: Only Clinical Administrators and Clinicians (for assigned patients) can view documents marked as Clinical.

  • Click To-Do > Process portal documents responses
  • Click the Process link to review the corresponding document

  • This opens a page that includes the document you originally sent to the client as well as the client's signature, the completed document the client uploaded to the portal, and/or the client's online form submission. The document uploaded by the client can be viewed or downloaded under Patient Response. Or, for integrated online forms, the client's form submission can be viewed or merged into their chart under Patient Response. The client's signature can be viewed under Patient Signature Record. If you're viewing a signed Treatment Plan, the client's signature is located directly at the bottom of the Treatment Plan
  • Review the signature or completed document and click the Mark as Processed button. If you're processing a form and you've merged changes, click the Save button

For detailed information on processing forms, read How To: Share and Process the Patient Information Form.

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