Share Documents With Clients on TherapyPortal

When you have your client portal enabled, TherapyNotes allows you to send documents, including Treatment Plans, to your clients electronically to facilitate a paperless intake process. Documents can be reviewed, electronically signed, or even completed and sent back to you through TherapyPortal before the client comes to the office, helping you gain valuable time to spend in session. 

Your documents are sent securely between TherapyNotes to the client's TherapyPortal account. If you need a signature for a document, your client will be prompted to draw their signature on their phone or computer after they review the document. If you need your client to complete the document, your client will be asked to upload their completed document to send back to you. 

TherapyNotes also includes a pre-made Patient Information Form, a fully-integrated online intake form that corresponds to the Patient Info tab of a client's chart. With this form, your clients can fill-in their information directly on TherapyPortal, and your practice can pull this information into a client's chart with just a couple of clicks.

Multiple documents may be sent to a client at a time and include unique, custom instructions. The documents you share are grouped into document requests.

Role Required: Any

Share Documents With a Client

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Portal tab
  • In the Portal Requests and Shared Documents section, click the Share Documents button.

Next, add as many documents as needed to your document request. You may add documents from your practice's  Document Library or your client's chart, or upload new documents that are specific to your client. Each document you add will appear in the Documents Included in Request table.

Add a document from the Document Library to the request:

  • With the Library Documents tab selected, click in the field below Select Library Documents to Share.
  • A list of available documents will display in a dropdown. Click on the correct document from this list to add it to the request.

Add an existing patient file or a Treatment Plan to the request:

Note: Only Clinical Administrators and Clinicians (for assigned patients) can share and view Treatment Plans and files marked as Clinical.

  • Select the Patient Documents tab and click in the field below Select Patient Documents to Share.
  • A list of available documents will display in a dropdown. Click on the correct document from this list to add it to the request.
  • Select what actions you'd like your client to take from the Requirements dropdown. Here, you may select whether the client should review the document, electronically sign the document, or upload a completed document to send to your practice.
Tip: You can also share patient files and Treatment Plans with clients directly from the document itself. To do so, click on the document name on the client's Documents tab, and click the Share on Portal button at the bottom of the preview.

Upload a new client-specific document to add to the request:

Note: Only Clinical Administrators and Clinicians (for assigned patients) can upload and view documents marked as Clinical.

  • Select the Patient Documents tab.
  • Click the Upload button.

  • In the Upload Document to Share dialog that appears, click the Choose File button to select the document you want to upload from your computer.
  • Identify the document's Access setting, NameDate, and Requirements (E-sign or Upload).
  • Click the Add Document button.

Once you've added documents to the request, enter Instructions for your request in the Share Documents on Portal dialog. This information will be visible to the client on TherapyPortal.

  • Finally, click the Send Document Request button.
Note: If you would like your client to upload an image or document (such as an insurance card) via the portal, you must first send a document requesting the upload. Be sure to select the Upload requirement when adding the request document to your Library or to the patient document request.

Once your document request is sent, your client will receive an email notification informing them that there are documents ready for them to review, sign, or complete. Clients should log in to their TherapyPortal account to complete pending documents. If they need assistance, please direct them to  Review or Sign a Document as a TherapyPortal User.

When a client completes a document on TherapyPortal, the document's status will be updated automatically in TherapyNotes. You'll be alerted in your To-Do list when there are signed or completed documents ready for you to review. For more information, read How To: Check the Status of Document Requests, How To: Process Electronic Signatures and Paperwork From Clients, and Customize, Share and Process the Patient Information Form.

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