How To: Upload Practice Documents

To help eliminate the need for a separate file repository, TherapyNotes allows you to electronically share and store practice-wide documents such as service agreements and blank forms in your practice's Document Library. Any document uploaded to the Document Library is available to all users in the practice, and eligible documents may be shared with clients on TherapyPortal. For more information, read How To: Share Documents With Clients on TherapyPortal.

There is no additional charge for document storage and no limit on how many documents you can upload. All files uploaded to TherapyNotes are encrypted, and all file uploads, views, downloads, and updates are recorded in the activity log.

Role Required: Practice Administrator

To prepare your documents for upload:

  • If you have the physical document, scan the document to create a digital file
  • Ensure the file size of the document is below 10 MB
Quick Tip: To stay below the maximum file size of 10 MB, we recommend scanning your document at no higher than 150 dpi. For more information, read  Tips for Scanning Documents and Reducing File Size.

To upload a practice-wide document:

  • Click Library
  • Click the Upload File button

(A) Document Name: Enter a name for your document. Remember that this name will be visible to all practice users.

(B) Date: The current date is automatically populated. However, you can enter a different date for the document.

(C) Portal: If the client portal is enabled for your practice, select Eligible for sharing via client portal to make this document available for practice users to send in a portal document request to a client.

(D) Signature: If Eligible for sharing via client portal is selected, you can choose to require signatures from clients for this document. To request an electronic signature for the document when it is shared with clients, select Request patient/guardian signature when shared with patients.

  • Click the Add Document button to save the document

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