Track User Activities with the Activity Log

For security, nearly every action taken in your TherapyNotes account is tracked in the activity log. The extensive activity log aids in auditing, staff accountability, and keeping your account secure and in compliance with regulations. The activity log can be used to gain insight on failed login attempts, logins and logouts by any user, editing and signing notes, and much more.

Role Required: Practice Administrator or Clinical Administrator

Search Account Activity Using the Activity Log

  • Click the User Icon > Settings > Activity Log
  • Choose your search criteria from the options shown.


(A) User Name: Select a specific user to search only the actions committed by that user, or search for activity by Any User.

(B) Patient: To search for activity related to a specific client, click the Any Patient link, then search for the client. Or, leave Any Patient selected to search all activity, regardless of client.

(C) Action Type: Nearly every action is tracked in the activity log. Scroll through this dropdown and select the type of activity you want to search for, or search for Any Action.

(D) Date: Select a date range. While TherapyNotes keeps track of all activity since your account was first created, only 3 months of activity can be queried at one time.

  • Click the Search button.

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