Main Billing Page

The main billing page houses practice-wide billing actions and reports. The functions available to you will vary depending on which billing features are enabled on your account. Regardless of whether you have billing features enabled, you will have the ability to search for all billable transactions. The results of this search form a convenient report to assist with the billing process, so the biller does not need access to notes to perform their duties.

  1. Patient and Insurance Billing Links

This section contains links related to patient and insurance billing, as well as billing reports. Below are links and tutorials for some of the items. 

  1. Search Billing Transactions

Use this section to perform a custom search through the entire practice's billing items.  

  1. Billing Transactions Search Results

The results of the search display in this table. Some headers can be clicked to sort the results. To export the results into an Excel spreadsheet, click the Export Spreadsheet button. To customize which columns appear in the table, click the Select Columns link.

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