How To: Create Superbills

Superbills are most frequently used when your client has insurance that you are not paneled with. Whether you choose to not accept insurance at all or your client would rather work with you than a preferred provider, their insurance plan may offer an out-of-network (OON) benefit. In this case, you can collect your fee upfront and provide documentation to the client to submit to their insurance provider for reimbursement. Superbills are specialized forms meant for this purpose. They contain the necessary and detailed information about you as a rendering provider, the services you provided, and the fees charged that an insurance company would need in order to reimburse your client.

While TherapyNotes can help you easily create superbills to provide to clients, we recommend submitting out-of-network claims electronically through TherapyNotes on your client's behalf. To learn more about submitting claims electronically, read How To: Submit Out-of-Network Claims Electronically.

Superbills can be generated once a clinician creates a draft of a billable note for a client who is set up to bill their insurance, allowing you to quickly generate the form at the end of a session. Nevertheless, be sure that your documentation is always completed and signed as well.

Role Required: Practice Biller

Before creating a superbill:

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Patient Billing tab
  • Under Search Billing Transactions, click the date(s) of service you want to create a superbill for
  • Verify that the Method for the corresponding date(s) of service is set to Insurance - Out of Network - Paper. For additional guidance,  read How To: Set Billing Method
  • Verify that the Coverage for the corresponding date(s) of service is 0 or left blank. In order for the client to get reimbursed by insurance using a superbill, the client must pay the entire cost of the service up front
  • Enter the client's payment for the service

To create a superbill:

  • Do one of the following
    • Click Billing > Create Superbill
    • Click Patients > Patient Name > Patient Billing tab > Create Superbill
    • Click Payers > Payer Name > Payer Billing tab > Create Superbill


(A) Include on Bill: Select the checkbox next to the dates of service you want to include on the superbill.

(B) Include a signature line: Select this checkbox to include a signature line on the superbill. Note: Most payers require a signature from the clinician to accept a superbill for reimbursement.

  • Click the Download Superbill button. The superbill will download as a PDF
  • TherapyNotes will prepare your document in a blue bar at the bottom of your browser. When your superbill is ready, click the Ready: Click to Download link

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