Submit Claims Outside of TherapyNotes

Occasionally, you may choose to submit certain claims outside of TherapyNotes. For instance, you may need to submit a claim to a payer directly through their online portal, or you may have employed a billing service that does not submit claims through TherapyNotes. In these cases, TherapyNotes allows you to mark the claim as submitted externally after you've submitted the claim to the payer through other means, helping you to keep your records in TherapyNotes accurate.

The bubble next to Mark External Items throughout TherapyNotes (such as on the main Billing page and on your To-Do list) will display the number of line items that are ready to be marked as submitted externally. TherapyNotes determines that an item is ready to be submitted externally when a clinician completes and signs a billable note for a client who is set up to bill their insurance. 

Please note that TherapyNotes does not generate a claim when a billing item is marked as submitted externally. You must generate the claim through other means.

Role Required: Practice Biller

Before marking a claim as submitted externally:

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Billing tab
  • Under Search Billing Transactions, click the date(s) of service you want to mark as external.
  • Verify that the Method for the corresponding date(s) of service is set to Insurance - Out of Network - External OR Insurance - In Network - External. For additional guidance, read How To: Set Billing Method

Mark a Claim as Submitted Externally

Do one of the following:

  • Click To-Do > Mark Externally Submitted Items OR
  • Click Billing > Mark External Items OR
  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Billing tab > Mark External Items OR
  • Click Payers > Payer Name > Billing tab > Mark External Items

(A) Method: Select Pending External Submission from this dropdown. Pending Electronic Submission and Pending Paper Submission should only be selected if the billing line item's method is either Electronic or Paper and you do not need to use TherapyNotes to generate or submit the claim.

(B) Mark Submitted: After you have submitted the line item manually via a method outside of TherapyNotes, click the Mark Submitted button next to the corresponding date of service.

Once you receive reimbursement from the payer, be sure to enter the insurance payment in the TherapyNotes. To learn more, read How To: Enter Insurance Payments.

Note: Clicking Mark Submitted does not send the claim - this button only changes the status of the line item from Pending External to Submitted External within TherapyNotes.

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