Collect Intake Information With the Client History Form

By default, each practice's Library includes a Client History Form which users can share with clients through TherapyPortal when document sharing is enabled. The Client History Form is a fully-integrated online intake form to collect information about their presenting issue and relevant biopsychosocial history. Clients can complete the form directly on TherapyPortal, and the information can then be integrated into an Intake Note with a couple of clicks.

The Client History Form includes prompts that correspond to most of the fields in an Intake Note. However, you can choose what information your patients are asked for when the form is shared on TherapyPortal.

To choose which fields are included on the Client History Form:

Role Required: Practice Administrator, Clinical Administrator

Click Library > Portal Forms > Client History Form

  • Click the Edit icon in the Form Preview box.
  • Select the checkbox to the left of the questions you'd like to show. You can elect to show or hide any or most of the questions, but at least one question must be shown. To the right of each question is the Intake Note field into which the client’s response will be populated.

Note: There is no question on this form that will directly populate the client's trauma history section of the Intake Note. As part of a trauma-informed approach to assessment, you may want to consider including a screening tool such as the ACES or Trauma History Questionnaire as part of your screening and assessment. However, given the sensitive nature of the information likely to be disclosed and the fact that no clinician is likely to be present to guide and support the disclosure, no question is included on this form. If you wish to have this information included on the form, see below for how to customize the final question on the form.
  • Below each question is a field with additional prompts. You can edit these prompts to help specify information that is important to your practice. The main question is not editable.
  • The final question is entirely customizable—both the main question and additional prompts. Use this question to gather additional information from your clients that is not represented elsewhere in the form, such as a referral source or additional requirements from licensing boards or insurance payers.

  • If you wish to undo changes you have made, use the Set to Default link to return the additional prompts for that field to their default text.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

Once these changes have been made, any time a user in your practice shares the Client History Form with a client, only the selected fields will be included.

To share the Client History Form with a client:

Role Required: Any
  • Click Patients > Patient name > Portal tab
  • In the Portal Requests and Shared Documents section, click the Share Documents button.
  • The Share Documents on Portal dialog appears. With the Library Documents tab selected, begin typing "Client History Form" in the Select Library Documents to Share field.
  • TherapyNotes will generate a list of possible matches as you type. Click on the form from this list to add it to the request.
  • Add other documents to the request if desired, and enter Instructions for your request.
  • Click the Send Document Request.

Once your request is sent, your client will receive an email notification informing them that there are documents ready for them to complete. After your client has submitted their completed form, it will be available to view in its entirety on the Documents tab of their chart.

You can share the same form with a client as many times as needed. However, if you want to share the form with a client again before they have completed the initial request, you must first cancel the initial request before sending the form again. For more information on sharing documents with your clients, read Share Documents With Clients on TherapyPortal.

To pull a client's responses into an Intake Note:

Role Required: Clinician (for assigned patients only)
  • Create or edit an Intake Note. If a Client History Form has been completed, a banner appears at the top of the note with a link to the client's full response if needed.
  • Click the History button to the right of Presenting Problem, Biopsychosocial Assessment, or any individual Biopsychosocial Assessment field.
  • Click the Use button next to the Client History Form response you want to pull forward.
  • Your client's response is populated in the corresponding field with quotes.

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