How To: Edit or Cancel a Document Request

After you send documents to a client through TherapyPortal, you're still able to edit the document request, remove documents from the request, or cancel the request entirely. Perhaps you mistakenly sent the wrong document or want to update the instructions for the documents before your client's next session. Regardless of the reason, any request that has not yet been completed by a client can be updated.

Role Required: Any

To edit a document request:

Note: Requests that have already been completed by a client cannot be edited.

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Portal tab
  • Click the Edit Edit icon icon next to the corresponding document request

Edit Document Request

  • Edit the Subject or Instructions to change what information the client sees on TherapyPortal
  • To remove an incomplete document from the request, click the X next to the corresponding document. In the warning dialog that appears, click the Remove Document button
  • Click the Update Document Request button

To cancel an entire document request:

Note: If the client has already reviewed or signed one or more documents in the request, the request cannot be canceled.

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Portal tab
  • Click the Edit Edit icon icon next to the request you want to cancel

Cancel Document Request

  • Click the Cancel Document Request button
  • A warning dialog will appear to alert you that the client will no longer be able to access any document in the request. Click the Cancel Request button

If you cannot cancel a request, you may still remove the client's access to these documents on TherapyPortal if necessary. If necessary, remove any incomplete documents by following the instructions above to edit the request. For documents that have already been completed, remove the client's access to the document by clicking on the Portal icon on the client's Documents tab. For instructions on removing access to documents, read How To: Remove Client Access to a Document on TherapyPortal.

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