How to Start a Telehealth Session

Note: Functionality for this new feature is subject to change. If you would like to enable the feature, have your Practice Administrator click the User Icon > Settings > Telehealth and select the Enable telehealth checkbox.
Role Required: Clinician or Intern

With TherapyNotes Telehealth, you can meet clients where they are using reliable, HIPAA-compliant video technology. All calls use peer-to-peer connections with end-to-end encryption for maximum privacy and security. Any device with a camera, microphone, compatible web browser, and Internet access is suitable for a telehealth session.

Telehealth sessions can be started by any clinical user who has an appointment with a patient with a portal account. In order to start a telehealth session for an appointment:

  • The Type must not be Group Therapy, Scheduled Event, or Vacation or Blackout Period.
  • The Patient on the appointment must have a client portal account.
  • The appointment has not been marked as Missed or Cancelled.

As long as the appointment meets the above criteria, the Clinician on the appointment can start a telehealth session beginning 5 hours prior to the Scheduled Time until 5 hours after the Scheduled Time. So, for an appointment scheduled at 5:00PM, the Clinician may start the telehealth session between 12:00PM and 10:00PM. Telehealth sessions for these appointments are similarly available on TherapyPortal for your patients to join.

Note: The appointment must be saved with information that meets the above criteria in order to be eligible for a telehealth session. Changing the Scheduled Time, for example, in the appointment dialog without saving your changes will not affect your ability to start a telehealth session for that appointment.

To start a telehealth session:

  • Click Scheduling
  • Click on the desired appointment on the calendar.

  • If the appointment is eligible for telehealth, a banner will be displayed at the top of the appointment dialog. Click the Start Telehealth Session button.
  • Your browser will prompt you to share access to your camera and microphone. Click Allow.
Quick Tip: Most browsers will offer an option to always allow camera and microphone access. Selecting this option will prevent your browser from needing to request access each time you start a telehealth session. For browser-specific instructions, read How to Allow Camera and Microphone Access for Telehealth.
  • In the Select Your Camera and Microphone dialog that appears, select the Camera and Microphone you want to use for your session. You should see a preview of your video and an audio meter that responds to your voice.
Quick Tip: If no camera or microphone is detected, first verify that the device is connected to your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Next, repeat the above steps, making sure to click Allow when your browser requests access to your camera and microphone. Read Connecting a Camera and Microphone for Telehealth for additional guidance.
  • Click the Join Session button. Your patient will automatically connect to the session when they've joined through TherapyPortal.

Once in a telehealth session, your video will appear in the upper left corner of your browser, and your patient's video will appear larger in the middle of the browser. You can disable your camera, mute your microphone, and end the session using the corresponding toggle buttons in your control tray. Ending the session will remove both you and your patient from the video call.

If you or your patient end the session by mistake, you may rejoin the session. To rejoin a session, click the Rejoin Session button in the Your Telehealth Session Has Ended dialog that appears when a session ends. Both you and your patient must select the option to rejoin in order to reconnect in the telehealth session.

If you experience connection issues during your session, please refer to Troubleshooting Telehealth Connection Issues.

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