Share Your Screen in a Telehealth Session

With TherapyNotes Telehealth, you can share any screen or application on your computer with your client to engage in activities, review worksheets, and more.

Screen sharing is available on any desktop or laptop computer with an up-to-date web browser. You cannot share your screen from a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone, but any client using a mobile device may still see your screen.

At this time, you must be a clinician (not a client) to share your screen.

Role Required: Clinician or Intern

To share your screen:

  • While in a telehealth session, click the Start screen share button  or press the keyboard shortcut Alt + S.
  • Your browser will prompt you to share access to your screen.
    • In Google Chrome, select an Entire Screen, Window, or Chrome Tab in the Choose what to share dialog. Then, click Share.
    • In Microsoft Edge, select an Entire Screen, Window, or Microsoft Edge Tab in the Choose what to share dialog. Then, click Share.
    • In Mozilla Firefox, select a Window or screen in the Allow to see your screen? prompt. Then, click Allow.
    • In macOS Safari, click Allow in the Allow "" to observe your screen? prompt. In the Share Your Entire Desktop? dialog that appears, read the warning carefully, then click Share Entire Desktop.
Note: Be aware that Safari does not allow you to select a specific screen or window to share, so your entire desktop will be shared. Please ensure that any browser tabs or programs that show PHI or sensitive information are closed prior to sharing your screen in Safari. To share a specific screen or window, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Once you start sharing your screen, your client will see the content you're sharing, but they will not be able to see your face. To allow your client to see you again, you must first stop sharing.

To stop sharing your screen:

  • Do one of the following
    • Click the Stop screen share button  in the telehealth session.
    • Press the keyboard shortcut Alt + S.
    • Click Stop Sharing in the browser widget.

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