Upload a File From Google Drive

When attempting to upload a file to TherapyNotes directly from Google Drive, you may receive an error that states, "File has an invalid size." When using a device such as a Chromebook, selecting a file from Google Drive to upload merely links to the online version of the file, meaning that you aren't actually uploading a file at all. To upload a file that you have stored on Google Drive, you must first download the file to your device.

To download a file from Google Drive:

  • Go to drive.google.com or open your Google Drive app.
  • Select the file you want to download.
  • Right-click (or tap and hold, if on a mobile device) the file and click Download.

Once you've downloaded the file from Google Drive, you can add the file to your Library, a client's chart, or anywhere else you can upload files in TherapyNotes.

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