Upload Client Documents

To ensure that all of your records are secure and easy to find, TherapyNotes gives you the ability to upload documents directly to your clients' charts. This allows you to store scanned versions of handwritten notes, assessments, insurance and identification cards, and any other record.

There is no additional charge for document storage and no limit on how many documents you can upload. All files uploaded to TherapyNotes are encrypted to maintain confidentiality. Activity logs are recorded for all file uploads, views, and downloads, as well as any time the file information is updated.

Documents that are uploaded to a client's chart can also be shared with the client on TherapyPortal by any user who is able to open and view the document. For instructions, read Share Documents With Clients on TherapyPortal.

Role Required: Any

To Prepare Your Documents for Upload:

  • If you have the physical document, scan the document to create a digital file.
  • Ensure the file size of the document is below 25MB.
Tip: To stay below the maximum file size of 25MB, we recommend scanning your document at no higher than 150 dpi. For more information, read  Tips for Scanning Documents and Reducing File Size.

To Upload a Document to a Client's Chart:

  • Click Patients > Patient name > Documents tab
  • Click the Upload Patient File button.

(A) Date: The current date is automatically populated. However, you can enter a different date for the file.

(B) Access: This option determines who has access to the document. Select Administrative to allow all users to view the document. Select Clinical to limit access to only assigned Clinicians and Clinical Administrators.

(C) Document Name: Enter a name for your document, or click the field to select from a list of commonly used documents.

Tip: Some of the suggested document names have special features. Patient Photo will display the image in the top left corner of the client's chart, Insurance Card will appear in the client's Billing Settings tab, and HIPAA Agreement and PCP Release Consent Form will generate a prompt to update the appropriate information for the client.
  • Click the Add Document button to save the document.
Tip: Documents appear in chronological order in the list of notes and files for a client. You can use the Date field to arrange documents on this list (for instance, ensure that assessment materials are listed near the relevant note by entering the date of the corresponding appointment).

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