How To: Add Clients

TherapyNotes makes it incredibly simple to add a new client and maintain an organized chart. Unlike paper charts, you only need to enter information about your client once, and TherapyNotes will do the rest to keep your records connected and consistent. No more copying your client's name across pages and pages of documents; TherapyNotes automatically pulls relevant client information onto each document for you. Client information is pulled forward into notes for your appointments and automatically generated on claims to maintain a seamless workflow from intake to payment.

Adding your client's information to your account ensures that you can conveniently schedule appointments and provide your client with access to your practice's client portal. Since TherapyNotes is cloud-based, there is no more need to keep a reference guide for emergencies outside of your office. All of your client demographic data will be available anywhere you have an internet connection, even from your phone.

If you are coming to TherapyNotes from another EMR vendor or if you are able to create a spreadsheet of your client data, TherapyNotes can import this information to your account for you free of charge. To learn more, read How To: Import Client Information Into TherapyNotes.

Role Required: Practice Scheduler, Clinician, or Intern

To create a new client:

  • Click Patients > Create New Patient
  • Enter your client's information in the Patient Information box, ensuring that it exactly matches the information on their insurance card


(A) Nickname: While not required, nicknames can appear on appointment reminders and the client portal for a personalized touch. The nickname will not appear on claims. Note: This field may be visible to clients and should not be used for categorization or account numbers.

(B) Account Number, SSN: The ability to input a unique Account Number and/or Social Security Number for each client is not enabled by default. To enable these fields, click the User Icon > Settings > Patient RecordsNote: Only Practice Administrators and Clinical Administrators can access Patient Record Settings.

(C) Mobile Phone, Home Phone, Work Phone, Other Phone: Enter any applicable phone numbers for the client here. If appointment reminders are enabled and the client has elected to receive text or voice reminders, select the message preference from the dropdown to the right of each of these fields. Otherwise, use the information in these dropdowns for reference.

(D) Appt Reminders: This field is only visible if your practice has appointment reminders enabled. For more information, read Automated Patient Appointment Reminders.

(E) Sex: TherapyNotes recognizes and respects that many individuals do not identify as strictly Male or Female. However, the client's legal sex is required for the purpose of insurance claims and is reflected here to reduce the likelihood of rejected claims. You can enter specific information about the client's gender identity in the Patient Comments field as well as in the Identification field of the Intake Note.

Quick Tip: Use the Patient Comments field located directly above Patient Information for any additional client information, such as scheduling and billing comments. Information inputted in Patient Comments is conveniently available in a tooltip as space permits when hovering over the client's name.
  • In the Contacts section, click the Create Contact button to create a contact for the client and enter the contact's information. Repeat this step as necessary until all of the client's contacts have been entered
  • In the Assigned Clinician section, select a clinician from the dropdown. Assigned clinicians have access to the client's clinical record, including the ability to schedule appointments, write notes, and manage uploaded clinical files for the client. For more information and to learn how to assign additional clinicians to a client, read How To: Manage Clinician Assignments
  • Click the Save New Patient button or click the Save and Create Another button to continue adding clients

You may also add new clients when scheduling appointments. This allows schedulers to easily record information for a new client when they call or visit to make their first appointment with your practice.

To create a new client when scheduling appointments: 

  • Click Scheduling > Create New Appointment
  • Click the New Patient button
  • An abbreviated version of the form above will appear. Enter your client's information
  • Click the Create Patient button and continue scheduling the appointment

After you have added a new client, click Patients > Patient Name > Patient Info tab to edit their demographic and contact information, or click Patients > Patient Name > Billing Settings tab to enter insurance information, custom cash rates, and other relevant billing information. For more information, read How To: Manage Client Billing Settings.

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