Payers Supported by Clearinghouse

TherapyNotes and our clearinghouse, Change Healthcare, support claim submission to over 2,000 payers nationwide.

Change Healthcare provides and maintains a full list of supported payers who can receive electronic (EDI) claims and/or send electronic remittance advice (ERA) through TherapyNotes. This list features details about each of the supported payers, including each payer's unique Payer ID used by Change Healthcare to process claims.

Role Required: Practice Biller, Biller for Assigned Patients Only, Practice Administrator, or Clinical Administrator

To search all payers supported by our clearinghouse:

  • Click Payers
  • Click Payers Supported by Clearinghouse in the bottom right corner of the page
  • Click the Payers Receiving Claims tab to view a list of all payers who can receive EDI claims or click the Payers Sending ERAs tab to view a list of all payers who can send ERAs
  • Enter a Payer Name, Payer Model, Payer State, and/or type of Claims Accepted. Since the Payer ID is unique to our clearinghouse, this field is typically left blank
  • Click the Search Payers button

A list of payers that match your search criteria will be generated.


Below are additional details about each of the table columns on this page.

(A) Payer ID: The payer ID used by Change Healthcare to route EDI claims to the appropriate insurance provider. Without this payer ID, claims cannot be sent electronically.

(B) Payer Name: The name of the payer as on record with Change Healthcare.

(C) State: The location of the payer, if coverage is limited by state.

(D) Model: The type of insurance, such as BCBS (Blue Cross / Blue Shield) or Commercial.

(E) Enroll and Re-Enroll: The type of enrollment required to submit EDI claims to the payer or to receive ERAs from the payer. Some payers may have different enrollment processes depending on whether you have previously enrolled with the payer from a different EMR. Hover over the information in this column with your cursor to read more about the specific enrollment requirements for the payer. For more information, reference Electronic (EDI) Claims Enrollment and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Enrollment.

(F) Card: The information from a client's insurance card needed to submit claims with the payer. Hover over the information in this column with your cursor for more specific details.

(G) Reports: The level of feedback sent to TherapyNotes by the payer regarding the status of claims. Hover over the information in this column with your cursor for more specific details.

Note: If the Reports column for a payer does not state that the payer sends rejection information through the clearinghouse, you will not receive claim rejection information through TherapyNotes. Instead, rejection information will be provided through a paper explanation of benefits (EOB) through the mail or directly via the payer's website.

Payers that have not already been added for your practice can be added from this list by clicking Add to the right of the payer. For more information, read How To: Add a Payer.

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