Add a Payer

In order to make full use of TherapyNotes' robust billing features, each of the payers you bill to should be added to your account, regardless of billing frequency or whether you are in- or out-of-network. 

Role Required: Practice Biller

Add a Payer

  • Click Payers > + New Payer
  • Enter the payer's information in the Payer Information box

(A) Payer Name: Begin typing the insurance provider's name to see a list of exact or similar payer matches. Click on the payer in the list to automatically populate the Payer ID as well as information regarding the Clearinghouse Services for the payer.

(B) Network: Select the Network checkbox to indicate that you are in-network with the payer.

(C) Address, Phone Number, Fax Number: Generally, when submitting claims electronically, this information is not necessary. However, address information is required when submitting paper claims.

(D) Clearinghouse Services: Once a Payer Name and Payer ID have been entered, the Clearinghouse Services section will show whether the payer supports electronic claims and electronic remittance advice (ERA). Most payers in TherapyNotes do not require enrollment to submit electronic claims, and several payers do not require enrollment to receive ERAs. For payers that do require enrollment, begin your enrollment by selecting the Begin Electronic Claims Enrollment and Begin ERA Enrollment checkboxes. To learn more about enrollments, reference Electronic Claims Enrollment and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Enrollment.

Note: Enrollment is not the same as credentialing or becoming paneled with an insurance company. Electronic claims and ERA enrollment connects your TherapyNotes account with the clearinghouse and your payers, allowing you to submit claims and receive ERAs in the system.
  • Click the Save New Payer (or Save New Payer and Enroll) button

Once you have added a payer to TherapyNotes, assign any clients to this payer as appropriate by managing each client's billing settings.

Tip: To disable an existing payer, click the Disable Payer link at the bottom right of the payer’s edit screen. Only payers not associated with any policies can be deleted (this includes inactive policies). To enable or delete an existing payer, click Payers > Show Disabled Payers (at the top right of the payers list) > Payer name > Edit button. Then, click Enable Payer or Delete Payer (at bottom right of edit screen) and confirm the change.

Payers Supported by Clearinghouse

The clearinghouse provides a full list of supported payers who can receive electronic claims and send ERAs through TherapyNotes. To view this list, click Payers and click Payers Supported by Clearinghouse in the bottom right corner of the page.

The list of payers supported by our clearinghouse is searchable by Payer Name, ID, Model (such as Commercial, Medicare, etc.), State, and/or Claims Accepted. Payers that have not already been added for your practice can be added from this list by clicking Add to the right of the payer.

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