Getting Started with ePrescribe

ePrescribe allows appropriately licensed clinicians to electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies and to receive refill requests from pharmacies. ePrescribe also allows prescribers to obtain a client’s medication history via the Surescripts® network and look up pharmacy benefits and formulary lists. TherapyNotes ePrescribe includes optional features that support electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and prescribing of narcotics.

To get started with ePrescribe:

  • Enable ePrescribe for the practice
  • Have clinicians enroll in ePrescribe
  • Have clinicians enable EPCS (optional)
    • Complete ID proofing
    • Set your prescribing PIN
    • Enroll in 2-factor authentication (2FA)

Enabling ePrescribe for the Practice

Role Required: Practice Administrator

Click User Icon > Settings > ePrescribe

When enrolling the practice in ePrescribe, the Practice Administrator needs to confirm additional information, including location information, phone number, and fax number. The address and phone number provided here will appear on every prescription. If you prefer for prescriptions to show each individual prescriber's phone number and address, contact TherapyNotes Support to request the change.

Once you have confirmed your practice information, click the  Save ePrescribe Settings button.

Note: TherapyNotes ePrescribe requires  third-party cookies to connect to the necessary resources for your ePrescribe session. In order to use TherapyNotes ePrescribe in Safari or on iPhone, you must adjust your browser's settings to allow third-party cookies.

Clinician Enrollment in ePrescribe

Role Required: Clinician with a Medication Management type

Click User Icon > Profile > eRx tab

For clinicians to enroll in ePrescribe, the ePrescribe feature must first be enabled for the practice as described above. Prior to enrolling, each clinician must:

  • Be appropriately licensed to prescribe medication in the jurisdiction of their practice
  • Have their individual NPI entered on their Info tab. ePrescribe requires an individual NPI, not a group NPI.
  • Have a Medication Management clinician type selected in the Type of Clinician dropdown in the User Information section on their Info tab.

Click the  Enroll Now button to begin the enrollment process.

Review the  ePrescribe Terms of Service, then select the I have read and accept the ePrescribe Terms of Service checkbox.  

Confirm your phone number, fax number, address, and date of birth. To ensure enrollment is successful, be sure to use information that is associated with your individual NPI or DEA number. If your practice requested to have individual prescribers' information on their own prescriptions, the clinician's address and phone number will be attached to the prescription. Because of this, clinicians should not use their personal address or phone number here. However, their personal information is needed for ID Proofing to enroll with EPCS.

To enroll with EPCS (required to submit controlled substance prescriptions such as benzodiazepines), enter your DEA number as well. The "Enable EPCS" checkbox will be selected automatically when the DEA number is entered.

To submit narcotics prescriptions (such as buprenorphine), enter both your DEA number and your NADEA number (also known as your X-number or your DATA 200 Waiver number).

Click the  Enroll in ePrescribe button to enroll.

Note: Your enrollment will be pending confirmation.  Once enrollment is confirmed, you will see your confirmation in your To-Do List. If you requested EPCS (to prescribe controlled substances), the To-Do item will include a reminder to complete setup for EPCS, which includes ID Proofing, creating a PIN, and enrolling in two-factor authentication (2FA). For additional information, read Enabling Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS).

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