Allow Third-party Cookies for ePrescribe

TherapyNotes ePrescribe requires third-party cookies in order to connect to the necessary resources for your ePrescribe session. While many browsers exempt this kind of session cookie in their protections against third-party tracking, Safari does not. In order to use TherapyNotes ePrescribe in Safari, you must adjust your browser's settings to allow third-party cookies.

Note: Disabling Safari's "Prevent cross-site tracking" setting will allow third-party cookies on any website you browse in Safari. If you wish to continue to prevent third-party tracking in Safari and other browsers, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use TherapyNotes ePrescribe. Both Chrome and Firefox will continue to protect you against third-party tracking while allowing your session cookie for ePrescribe.

To allow third-party cookies in Safari:

  • In Safari, click Safari > Preferences, then click Privacy.
  • Next to Website tracking, deselect the "Prevent cross-site tracking" checkbox.
  • If necessary, refresh the TherapyNotes page.

To allow third-party cookies on iPhone:

  • Navigate to Settings > Privacy & Security for Safari.
  • Make sure Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and Block All Cookies are turned off.
  • If necessary, refresh the TherapyNotes page.

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