Create a Pre-Authorization Report

Advanced approval, known as pre-authorization or prior authorization, is required by some insurance payers before they will agree to cover a prescribed service or treatment. When the number of authorized uses are exhausted or the pre-authorization expires, your practice may be responsible for contacting the payer to get re-approval of the service or treatment.

As a biller in TherapyNotes, you can add pre-authorization codes to a client's chart. The uses remaining for each pre-authorization code counts down whenever the code is included on electronic claims or generated CMS-1500s.

The pre-authorization report allows you to gather data about all pre-authorizations added to clients in your TherapyNotes account and easily see which codes may need to be renewed. 

Role Required: Practice Biller

To create a pre-authorization report:

  • Click Billing > Pre-Authorization Report
  • Choose your Report Criteria
  • Click the Create Report button

Once you've created the report, you'll see a table that includes every pre-authorization that matches your search criteria. You can sort the information by clicking on the appropriate column header, and you can export the information to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the Export Spreadsheet link at the upper right corner of the table.

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