How To: Add Pre-Authorization Codes

Most insurance providers do not require mental health services to have a prior authorization. However, for those that do, TherapyNotes offers a convenient feature to ensure that any required pre-authorization information is included on claims.

TherapyNotes counts down the number of remaining uses when the claim is initially submitted electronically or a CMS-1500 is generated through TherapyNotes.

Role Required: Practice Biller or Biller for Assigned Patients Only

To add a pre-authorization code for a client:

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Billing Settings tab
  • Click anywhere on the Pre-Authorizations box to edit


  • Select a service code from the Service Code dropdown
  • Enter the Authorization Code, Parameters, and any additional Comments
  • To add a pre-authorization for another service code, click the Add Pre-Authorization button. To remove a pre-authorization that you have not yet saved, click the X to the right of the pre-authorization
Quick Tip: If an authorization covers more than one service code, add a separate pre-authorization for each service code you intend to bill.
  • Click the Save Changes button

If a client's insurance provider or health plan changes, they may no longer need pre-authorization to receive care. While pre-authorizations remain in a client's chart to assist you with disputing a claim if needed, you can prevent them from being included on future claims.

To stop including a pre-authorization code on claims:

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Billing Settings tab
  • Click anywhere on the Pre-Authorizations box to edit
  • Enter a date in the past in the Expires field
  • Enter 0 in the Uses Remaining field
  • Click the Save Changes button

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