Manage My Password and Security

Your user profile features a Security & Activity section that allows you to manage the information you use to securely access your TherapyNotes account. Any user can access options to manage their own security.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, follow the instructions in the article Lost or Forgotten Password.

To access your Security & Activity information:

  • Click the User Icon > Profile
  • On the Information tab, find the Security & Activity section

Practice Administrators can view the Security & Activity section of any user on the account in order to view user activity, reset the user's password, or manage two-factor authentication for the user. To do so, click Staff > Staff Name to see the Security & Activity section for the selected user.

Visibility and Use

With any user role, you may use the Security & Activity section of your account to reset your password and manage two-factor authentication. 

To reset your password:

  • Under Security & Activity, click Change Your Password

  • Enter your current password, then enter your new password, following the security requirements on the screen. Enter your new password again in the Confirm Password field
  • Click the Change Password button

Be sure to remember your password. You will use your new password the next time you log in to TherapyNotes.

You may also manage your two-factor authentication (2FA) settings in your Security & Activity section. For more information, read Set Up and Use Two-Factor Authentication.

If you are a Practice Administrator, you may view additional information in this section for each user, including the last date and time the user logged in, the last IP address the user logged in from, the last web browser the user logged in with, and the user's activity log. Here, you may also reset a user's password.

To reset another user's password:

  • Under Security & Activity, click Reset Password
  • A confirmation dialog appears. Click the Reset Password button
  • A new dialog with a temporary password appears. Remember or write down the password and provide the password to the user. The password is case sensitive and includes dashes
  • Click the OK button

The user should type (do not copy-and-paste) the temporary password the next time they log in to TherapyNotes. Once they successfully log in using the temporary password, they will be prompted to create a new password.

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