How To: Share Documents With Clients on TherapyPortal


When you have your client portal enabled, TherapyNotes allows you to send documents to your clients electronically. Clients can review or sign documents on TherapyPortal before they come to the office, helping you gain valuable time to spend in session. Your documents are sent securely from TherapyNotes to the client's TherapyPortal account. If you need a signature for a document, your client will be prompted to draw their signature on their phone or computer after they review the document.

Multiple documents may be sent to a client at a time and include unique, custom instructions. The documents you share are grouped into document requests.

Role Required: Practice Administrator, Clinical Administrator, Clinician, Intern, Practice Scheduler, or Supervisor

To share documents with a client:

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Portal tab
  • In the Shared Documents on Portal section, click the Share Documents button


Next, add as many documents as needed to your document request. You may add documents from your practice's Document Library or upload documents that are specific to your client.

To add a document from the Document Library to the request:

  • Begin typing the name of the document in the field below Select Library Documents to Send 
  • TherapyNotes will generate a list of possible matches. Click on the correct document from this list to add it to the request

To upload a client-specific document to add to the request:

Note: Only Clinical Administrators and Clinicians (for assigned patients) can view signatures for documents marked as Clinical.

  • Click the Upload button
  • In the Upload Document to Share dialog that appears, click the Choose File button to select the document you want to upload from your computer
  • Identify the document's TypeName, and Date. If you want the client to sign this document, select the Request patient/guardian signature checkbox
  • Click the Add Document button
Quick Tip: Unsure which documents require a signature and which simply need to be reviewed? Check the list of documents in your document request. Any document that requires a signature is designated by a pen and paper icon signature-icon.png to the right of the document name. Any document without this icon only needs to be reviewed by the client.

Once you've added documents to the request, enter a Subject and Instructions for your request. This information will be visible to the client on TherapyPortal.

Finally, click the Send Document Request button.

Once your document request is sent, your client will receive an email notification informing them that there are documents pending their review and/or signature. Clients should log in to their TherapyPortal account to complete pending documents. If they need assistance, please direct them to How To: Review or Sign a Document as a TherapyPortal User.

When a client views or signs a document on TherapyPortal, the document's status will be updated automatically in TherapyNotes. For more information, read How To: Check the Status of Document Requests and View Client Signatures.

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