How To: Enter Standard Rates and Custom Rate Schedules


Standard rates, often referred to as "cash rates," are the amount you would charge an individual not using an insurance benefit for your service. This amount is typically more than what you would be reimbursed under an insurance contract. To reduce the amount of time you spend on billing tasks, TherapyNotes automatically includes your standard rate on claims. Our straightforward payment posting allows you to quickly write off the difference between your standard rates and your contracted rates if needed.

By entering standard rates for each service, you never need to worry about figuring out and maintaining rates for your payers. We recommend using your practice's standard rate for all payers to ensure that your billing records are accurate and that you always receive the maximum allowable payment from your payers.

Standard rates are entered per service code. To learn more about service codes, read How To: Add, Edit, and Delete Service Codes.

Role Required: Practice Administrator, Practice Biller, or Clinical Administrator

To enter a standard rate for a service:

  • Click the User Icon > Settings > Service Codes
  • Click on the service code


  • In the section labeled Edit Your Service Code, enter the Standard Rate for the service
  • Click the Save Changes button

If you have previously entered custom rates for a service, the custom rates can be viewed and edited in the Custom Payer Rates for this Service table.

Custom Rate Schedules

Custom rate schedules may be entered for payers that you are in-network with and may be used to override your standard rates when billing insurance. When a custom rate schedule is entered for a payer and assigned to a clinician, the custom rate will be automatically included on claims for that payer and clinician. Using custom rate schedules allows you to bill different amounts for a service for different clinicians in your account. For example, if one member of your practice has credentials that allow them to bill more for a service, a custom rate schedule allows you to reflect this difference without having to create a separate instance of this service code.

To enter a custom rate schedule for a payer:

Note: Only Practice Billers can add custom rate schedules.

  • Click Payers > Payer Name > Rate Schedules tab
  • Click anywhere on the Rate Schedules box to edit
Quick Tip: To keep record of your contracted rate schedules while continuing to use your standard rates on claims, do not make changes to the default In Network rate schedule. Instead, click the Add Rate Schedule button to record your contracted rates and do not assign the rate schedule to any clinicians.


  • In the Rate Schedule field, enter a name for the rate schedule
  • Deselect the Use Standard Practice Rates checkbox
  • Enter thCustom Rate per service code. If your contracted rate for a service is the same as your standard rate, leave the corresponding Custom Rate field blank
  • To enter additional rate schedules, click the Add Rate Schedule button
  • Click the Save Changes button

If there is only one rate schedule entered for a payer, TherapyNotes will use those rates to bill. If there are multiple rate schedules entered for a payer, assign the appropriate rate schedule to each clinician in your practice.

To assign a custom rate schedule to a clinician:

Note: Only Practice Billers can assign custom rate schedules to clinicians.

  • Click Payers > Payer Name > Clinicians tab
  • Click anywhere on the Clinician Assignment box to edit
  • For each clinician, select the appropriate rate schedule from the Rate Schedule dropdown
  • Click the Save Changes button
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    Urminda Firlan

    The following instructions from TN above are still not bringing up the rate for my out of Network Providers. Please go into my account to let me know why...

    Standard Rates for Out-of-Network Payers

    Standard rates are entered in each service code's settings and autofill billing items associated with out-of-network payers. To learn how to add, change, or delete a service code, see this article.

    Have a Practice Biller, Practice Administrator, or Clinical Administrator complete the following steps.

    Click the User Icon > Settings > "Service Codes"
    Click on the service code itself.
    Enter the rate in the "Standard Rate" field.

    Click the green "Save Changes" button.

    These rates automatically populate out-of-network billing items. If a rate does not auto-populate for an out-of-network billing item, go into the service code's settings and enter a standard rate.

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    I will have an agent reach out to you in regards to this inquiry about your out of network rates. Thank you.

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    Rebecca Quintela-Smith

    how do I bill for more than 1 unit for testing?

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    When setting up the service code for psychological testing, you will need to select the option for 'Bill for 1 unit for every __ minutes spent on this service during a single session' under the time units section . The time units for the evaluation will be calculated once the note is complete and you calculate the time from the session within the note under the total time spent. If you have further questions, please contact our Success Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.