Designate Rate Schedule Per Clinician (Tutorial)


Once your practice creates a custom rate schedule for in-network payers, you can assign the rate schedule per clinician. To learn how to create custom rate schedules for in-network payers, see this article

Have a Practice Biller designate which clinicians the in-network rate schedule applies to. There are two ways to do this. 

Option 1 

  • Click PAYERS > Click payer > "Clinicians" tab 
  • Select the rate schedule from the "Billing Method" dropdown for each clinician. 
  • Click the green "Save Changes" button. 

Note: If a clinician is out-of-network for an in-network payer, select "Out-of-Network" from the dropdown to use the standard rates for that clinician. 

Option 2 

  • Click STAFF > Click staff user > "Billing" tab 
  • Click on the "Payers" section. 
  • Select the rate schedule from the "Billing Method" dropdown for each payer. 
  • Click the green "Save Changes" button. 

Note: The dropdown only appears for in-network payers. 

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    Paula Williams

    What if the practice is out of network but one of our clinicians is In network? How can we designate that?

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    In a case such as this, we would recommend adding a copy of the payer to your list of payers. When adding this additional payer, be sure to check the Network Status box to indicate this is an In-Network payer. This In-Network payer can then be assigned to patients being seen by the In-Network clinician. If you have further questions, please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.