Approve or Deny Client Portal Appointment Requests


This article overviews how to approve, modify, and deny requests for new, rescheduled, and canceled appointments through the Client Portal.

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  • For instructions about how patients request, view, reschedule, and cancel appointments through the portal, see this article


Appointment Request Notifications 

TherapyNotes notifies practices about appointment requests in three main ways. 

Option 1: Appointment requests come through the To-Do list. 

Option 2: A link on the bottom right of the main calendar links to the appointment requests. 

Option 3: Appointment requests appear on the calendar with diagonal lines in the background. 


List of Appointment Requests 

To access a list of appointment requests, either click the To-Do list item, or click the "Appointment Requests" link on the bottom right of the calendar. By default, this page shows pending requests. To view old appointment requests, click "Advanced Search"


Approve, Modify, or Cancel Appointment Requests 

Either click on the calendar item, or click on the Status on the list of appointment requests. 


  This section overviews details about the requested appointment. 

  Information about the client appears here. 

  If desired, make any changes to the appointment information. For example, you can change the service type, service code, or location. 

  Save the appointment. Once saved, the client will get an automatic email that their appointment request was confirmed. Any changes you make before approving the appointment will be included in the automated email. 


To decline the appointment request, click the grey "Decline Request" button. If you decline the request, the patient does not get an automated email. Please reach out to the patient directly to let them know you declined the request. 

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    Don Azevedo

    Is there a way to view the request again after you approved it?

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    Please go to scheduling and at the bottom right click on appointment requests. You can click on advanced search in the top right and from the status drop down choose approved. This will show any approved appointment requests in the last 365 days. If you have any additional questions please contact support by phone at 215-658-4550 or via email at