How To: Update Payer per Billing Line Item


When a client changes their insurance, updating the client's insurance information in TherapyNotes automatically updates the associated payer for any billing line items with the status of Pending Initial Submission and Pending Resubmission. However, some billing items may have already been submitted to the old payer and should instead be submitted to the updated payer. TherapyNotes allows you to manually update payers associated with billing line items to help prevent unnecessary claim rejections and ensure that your billing workflow remains uninterrupted.

Role Required: Practice Biller or Biller for Assigned Patients Only

Before manually updating the payer information for each billing line item:

  • Click Payers and verify that the insurance provider is included in your practice's Payers list. If not, add the payer to your account.
  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Billing Settings tab and verify that the client's insurance information has been updated to reflect the change in insurance. If not, edit your client's billing settings. Doing so will update any of the client's billing line items that are Pending Initial Submission or Pending Resubmission to the new payer.

To update the primary or secondary payer associated with a billing line item:

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Patient Billing tab
  • In the section labeled Search Billing Transactions, click on the date of service


  • A dialog with additional details about the date of service appears. The Billing tab should be selected
  • Click Update to the right of Payer or Secondary
  • A dialog will appear to confirm that the payer associated with the billing item will be replaced with the client's updated payer. Click the Update Insurance Payer button

Repeat the above steps until all billing line items have been updated as necessary.

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    Maria Peters

    Effective 11/1/16 some of the payers changed on some clients. We changed the payers on 11/2/16 thinking only notes entered on 11/2 and after would have the new payer, but there were some October claims switched to the new payer. Is there a way to enter an effective date for a new payer?

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    Lilly Odilia Olivares

    Good morning, I have changed or updated insurance information on several individual patients to a certain insurance but then changes all of the listed ones as well, why?

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    If the previous dates of service have been submitted to insurance, the insurance information will not change. However, if the previous dates are set to a 'Pending' status, when the new insurance information is entered it will affect those earlier dates. If you have further questions, please contact our Success Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.

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    Jamie Kyne

    It would be nice to have a method of updating insurance payers on multiple dates of service at the same time. I am going through a few months worth of claims on a client who delayed notifying me of his new insurance plan and it's VERY tedious doing this one session/date at a time. Perhaps I'm missing something though.

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    Thank you for your feedback. We value your input and will forward your suggestion to management for review for a potential future update. If you have any questions, please contact our Success Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you!