Generate Superbills (Tutorial)


Superbills are an invoice typically used for out-of-network reimbursement requests by the patient. Superbills include all information needed for the patient to be reimbursed by their insurance provider, such as diagnosis codes, service codes, datesof service, and the rendering clinician’s NPI.  The patient pays the practice for the service upfront.  The practice prints a superbill and the patient mails the superbill to their insurance for reimbursement.  If you are looking for information on CMS-1500 forms and not superbills, see this article

Set Billing Method to Paper


The billing method of "Paper" in TherapyNotes enables you to generate superbills or CMS-1500 claims. The method can be set as a default for all in- or out-of-network payers, for a single payer, or per billing line item. 


Set "Paper" for All Payers 


Click the User Icon > Settings > "Practice Billing" > "Preferred Billing Methods" section

Change the dropdown for either in-network or out-of-network payers to "Paper (Print CMS-1500 forms or superbills)".

Click the green "Save Billing Settings" button.


Set "Paper" per Payer 

Choose one of the following ways to set all claims for a certain payer to Paper by setting the default at the Payer profile level. 

Option 1: Click PAYERS > Click payer 

Change the "Billing Method" dropdown to "Paper (Print CMS-1500 forms or superbills)", 

Click the green "Save Changes" button.


Option 2: Click PAYERS > "+Add a Payer"

Change the "Billing Method" dropdown to "Paper (Print CMS-1500 forms or superbills)", 

Click the green "Save Changes" button.

To learn more about adding a new payer profile, read the "Set Up Payers" section of this article.


Set "Paper" per Billing Line Item 


Click PATIENTS > Click patient > "Patient Billing" tab > Click the date of service

Change the "Method" dropdown to either "Insurance - In Network - Paper" or "Insurance - Out of Network - Paper". 

Click the green "Save Changes" button.

Create Superbills

After the appointment is on the calendar, and the corresponding note has been completed, electronically signed, and saved, enter the patient payment. Please note the patient must pay up front for the entire cost of the service in order to get reimbursed by insurance. In other words, if the superbill shows that the patient did not pay for the service, insurance will not reimburse them. After the patient payment has been entered into TherapyNotes, generate the superbill. 

For a tutorial on entering patient payments, see this article

There are several ways to generate a superbill in TherapyNotes


Option 1: Click  BILLING > "Create Superbill" 


Option 2: Click PATIENTS > Click patient > "Patient Billing" tab > "Create Superbill" 


Option 3: Click PAYERS > Click payer > "Payer Billing" tab > "Create Superbill" 


Once on the "Create Superbill" screen, select which items to include. 

  Either leave the default, or select a custom date range. 

  Check off which dates of service to include on the superbill. 

  If desired, check the box to include a signature line

  • Note: This must be included when submitting a superbill to insurance. 

  Click the green "Download Superbill" button. The superbill downloads as a PDF in your computer's "Downloads" folder. Print out the superbill and give it to the patient to mail directly to the payer. 

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  • Avatar
    Rosalynda Saucedo

    I need help generating superbills for my patients. I'm not sure if I am able to do it since I am an Intern and my supervisor signs my notes. Please let me know as I have a few patients that want their superbill for the month of April.

  • Avatar
    Rosalynda Saucedo

    I'm not seeing any of the icons on my screen to follow the steps above ...

  • Avatar


    Please contact your Practice Administrator to give you the role of "Practice Biller" in order to reach the superbill function.

  • Avatar
    Liz Kapitulik

    I use the superbills all the time in my case management practice for patients who have clinical content for reimbursement from Medicare. CMS has an easy form that is sent along with the paid invoice with great success (I am told by clients). Here's the link:

    My problem is twofold:

    1) My Practice SSN shows up (haven't gotten around to EIN yet as private pay) - I don't want this printing and CMS doesn't require it so please make optional on superbill. I can't delete it from practice settings - is there a way I can do this?

    2) Location of service doesn't print out but this is required on CMS form so I have to add the text in adobe or handwritten if it's too late.

    Please fix these things and make more options for superbills for us awesome private pay folks!!

  • Avatar


    Thank you for your suggestion. We value your input and will forward your feedback to management for review. Is the location mandatory to be on a superbill? If so, please send us documentation on the issue at so we can research it further. Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Jodi Chaban


    Is there a way to directly email the patients a Superbill? Currently I have to download the bill, copy the email address or addresses in their profile to my email account, attach the bill to the email, and then send. Is there an easier way? Thank you!


  • Avatar
    Heather Langan

    I am also concerned about my SSN being on the Superbill. Is there no way to customize what's on there???
    It would be great if clients could access this particular feature through a portal or if Superbills could be automatically emailed to clients who request them.

    Thank you,
    Heather Langan

  • Avatar
    Tom McCabe

    Hi Heather,
    You can apply for an EIN online to use instead of a SSN in some banking and tax settings, including on superbills and other insurance purposes. See,,id=98350,00.html