Security & Activity Section in Staff User Accounts


In each staff user account under the “Information” tab lies the “Security & Activity” section. This article overviews how to get to the section, and the visibility and uses of the section for each type of user role. 


To get to the “Security & Activity” section on your own profile: 

  • Click the User Icon > Profile > “Information” tab > “Security & Activity”

To get to the “Security & Activity” section on other staff user profiles: 

  • Click STAFF > Click on a staff user > “Information” tab > “Security & Activity”

Visibility and Use

On your own profile – everyone but Practice Administrator

The only purpose of the Security & Activity section for users assigned roles other than Practice Administrator is to change your own password. 

To change your password click “Change Your Password”. First, enter your current password. Enter the new password, then enter it again to confirm the password. Be sure to follow the security requirements for the password written on the right side of the screen. This information reflects settings saved under User Icon > Settings > “Security”. Click the green “Save Password” button. Be sure to keep a hard copy of the password. 


On your own profile – Practice Administrator

For Practice Administrators, the purpose of the Security & Activity section is to view security items, view your activity log, and change your password. 


This section tracks the following security items: the date and time of your last login, your IP address, and your recently used web browsers. 

To view your activity log, click “View Activity Log”. 

To change your password, follow the instructions in the section above. 


Practice Administrator viewing everyone else’s profile

When a Practice Administrator views the staff profile of any other user, they see the following:


The Practice Administrator sees security items, including the last date and time the user logged in, the user’s IP address, and the web browsers recently used by that user. 

The Practice Administrator can also see the activity log of that user. 

The Practice Administrator can also reset that user’s password. To do so, click “Reset Password”. Click the green “Reset Password” button. A pop up box with a temporary password appears. Write it down and give it to the user – the password is case sensitive and does include the dashes. The user will use the temporary password to log in. Be sure to manually type, and do not copy and paste, the temporary password. After they log in the system will prompt them to create a new password. 


Users other than Practice Administrators viewing other user's profiles

Users not assigned the role of Practice Administrator do not see this section.

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    LaToya Robinson

    why can't staff view their client billing?

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    To view their client billing they can be assigned the role of "Biller for Assigned Patients Only". For their patients, clinician can enter rates and insurance information and do common tasks such as collecting copays, but cannot handle insurance claims.

    To assign the clinician with this role, please click on "staff" and click on the clinicians name, click "edit" under the roles tab, and check off ""Biller for Assigned Patients Only". If you have further questions please contact support at 215-658-4550 or via email at