Professional Wills


Clinicians of all types should create a professional will that designates who should have access to your records in the case of your death, incapacitation, or retirement. If your estate can provide us with proof of death or incapacitation and a copy of your professional will we will provide access to the designated party. Be sure that your professional will includes the full name, phone number, and email address of your professional executor(s) so that we can more readily and thoroughly confirm their identity. Indicate in your professional will that your records are stored with, for the benefit of your professional executor, and include your practice code and username but not your password. Ideally your will should be on file with both your lawyer and with TherapyNotes.

This only applies to a TherapyNotes practice administrator. In the case of another clinician's incapacitation it is up to the practice administrator to handle the security and potential reassignment of the records. If there are multiple practice administrators for the practice a surviving practice administrator on the account will be fully responsible for the record security. Therefore the professional will should represent the needs of the practice as a whole.

First fill out a Professional Will and save it to your computer. The APA Practice Organization web site has a great article and a sample Professional Will here:

Click the User Icon. 

From the User Icon Options select “Settings”. 

Click “TherapyNotes Subscription”. Scroll to the section labeled “Practice Documents and Agreements”. 


Click the blue “Upload Professional Will” button. Click “Browse” to locate the file on your computer, select the file, then click the green “Add Document” button. 


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