Clinician Billing Setting Overrides


In some circumstances, a clinician may need to bill with different information than the practice, such as when a clinician is paneled with a payer separately from the practice. A clinician billing setting override allows clinicians to override the default practice information (such as NPI or tax ID) when submitting claims to all or select payers.

Role Required: Practice Administrator + Practice Biller or Practice Administrator + Clinician

To set up a clinician billing setting override:

Note: Users with the role of both Practice Administrator and Clinician can only configure overrides for their own staff account.

  • Click the User Icon > Settings > Staff User Accounts > Staff Name > Billing tab
  • Click anywhere on the box labeled Clinician Billing Setting Overrides to edit


  • Select the Enable clinician billing setting overrides checkbox
  • Choose which payer the override affects from the Applicable for dropdown. Select Any Payer to apply the override to all payers
  • In the remaining fields, enter only the information that differs from the default practice information. All other fields should be left blank
Quick Tip: To bill using the Billing Provider information for the practice instead of the clinician's name and NPI, select Non-Person (Type 2) from the Rendering Provider Type dropdown.
  • To enter an override for a different payer, click the Add Overrides button
  • After you have entered all of your overrides, click the Save Changes button
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    Stephnie Thomas

    What if I have different NPI and/or different tax id's for multiple practice locations where the clinician is the same?

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    You do not need to change anything. You have these as actual locations. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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    Eva Hartley

    Medicaid is requiring my state provider number in 33B but my taxonomy number is filling the space. How do I correct?

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    Box 33b on the cms-1500 is for the taxonomy code. Would you be able to provide documentation from Medicaid regarding this. Please send this documentation to

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    Counseling Intern

    Im still struggling with this. I am a provider at two locations. I did the practice setting override but now I can't prepare bill that does not have the override information on there. It seems that I should be able to choose which location I want to bill for when creating the statements but the only thing that comes up is the override info. Am I missing something?

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    Kelly Carpenter

    Our facility is not Medicaid certified but our clinicians are. Medicaid is requiring their NPI #s in box 33a as well as the rendering provider's name in the billing box. Is there a way to set up or change these items per CMS-1500 before printing? We are submitting some of these to payers that have different guidelines for the clients that are not medicaid...

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    You can do this for these clinicians with the Medicaid payer.

    To replace the default practice information, such as the billing NPI or tax ID, on claims for a specific clinician you need to set up a clinician billing setting override. The override can be turned on for a specific payer per clinician.

    Click STAFF > Click staff user > "Billing" tab
    Click anywhere on the "Clinician Billing Setting Overrides" box to open it.
    Check the box to enable.
    Click the blue "+ Add Override" button.
    From the "Applicable for" dropdown select "Any Payer" or a specific payer’s name.
    Fill out the fields.
    Click the green "Save Changes" button.

    If you have any additional questions please contact support at 215-658-4550 or via email at

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    Cayla Wilson

    Can we have multiple overrides for the same payer? For Example...Indiana Medicaid is requiring we have the service location in box 32 and 33. Is there anyway we could have an override for each location but all under one payer?

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    It is not possible to override a service location. If you have multiple service locations, you can add them to your account by clicking the User Icon > Settings > Multiple Practice Locations > Add Location. When scheduling the appointment, be sure to select the correct service location. If you have further questions, please contact our Success Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.