How To: Create or Edit a User


Only users assigned the role of “Practice Administrator” can create, edit, or disable users.

Add a New Staff User

  1. Click the User Icon > Settings > "Staff User Accounts" > "+Create New User" - OR - Click STAFF > "+Create New User"
  2. Enter the user's information and select their roles, then click "Add User".
  3. A temporary password appears. Give the new user the practice code, username, and temporary password to log in.
  4. Upon their first log in TherapyNotes will prompt them to create a permanent password.

Note: User names are unique identifiers for each user. Typical user names are in the format of "bsmith", "bobsmith", "bobs" or just "bob".

Note: The roles Clinician, Clinical Administrator, and Intern cost per month. 

Edit a Staff User 

  1. Click STAFF > Click staff user > "Information" tab 
  2. Click anywhere on the "Roles" or the "User Information" box to open it for editing. 


Never edit an old account for use by a new user. For example: if a person left the practice and someone new is replacing them, do not simply edit the user name on the account. Instead, disable the leaving user, and create a new user for the new staff member. Having separate user’s accounts for each person is needed to make auditing possible.

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    Barbara Wirebaugh

    How do I change the photo for a staff member?

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    To change a staff member's photo, Click Staff > Select Staff member's Name > 'Files' tab > 'Upload a File' > From the 'File Name' drop down list, select 'Staff Member Photo' > Click 'Browse' to select the new photo from your computer > 'Add File'. If you have any questions please contact support at 215-658-4550.

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    Erin Gerrato

    How do I delete a staff member?

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    Staff members can be made inactive by Clicking Staff > Select Staff User > Click ''Edit'' in the User Information section > Change the 'Status' drop down menu to 'Inactive' > Save. If you have any questions please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.

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    Rodney Orders

    How do I resend user account email. Clinician claims she never received and I may have sent it to wrong email address

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    The clinician who needs this information can go to the login screen and click 'Lost Practice Code' > enter their email address > Open the email > Click on recover your login information> They will then be given the Practice code and user name. You will need to provide the clinician with a temporary password as well. Please go to staff> click on staff member name> reset password. Please be sure to provide as it appears on screen and they enter as provided with dashes and the upper/lower case letters.

    If you have further questions, please contact our Success Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.