How To: Assign Account Numbers to Clients


Account or ID numbers provide an alternative way to internally identify clients without using their full name and/or date of birth. This is a great way to de-identify protected health information while allowing for straightforward internal communication about your clients. Occasionally, practices may use Social Security Numbers for this purpose, but exposing such private information to all staff members is not always the best practice.

While TherapyNotes does not automatically generate unique account or ID numbers for client, account numbers may be created and entered manually to best fit the needs of your practice.

Role Required: Any

The ability to enter account numbers must be enabled in your practice's settings.

To enable account numbers:

Note: Only Practice Administrators or Clinical Administrators may enable account numbers.

  • Click the User Icon > Settings > Patient Records
  • Select the Ask for internal practice account numbers for each patient checkbox
  • Click the Save Patient Settings button

To enter an account number for a client:

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Patient Info tab
  • Click anywhere on the Patient Information box to edit


  • Enter the number in the Account Number field
  • Click the Save Changes button
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    Tonya Proctor

    Can Therapy Notes assign record numbers?

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    TherapyNotes does not generate patient account ID numbers. The feature allows users to generate their own patient number system. To turn on this feature, go to User Icon > Settings > "Patient Records". Check the box to enable internal account numbers for each patient, then click the green save button. After that you can enter the patient account numbers under the "Patient Info" tab in each patient's chart.