Recommended Web Browsers and Operating Systems


We strive to make our web-based software work well in all modern web browsers on all types of devices. Users with older versions of their web browsers may see a significant improvement in TherapyNotes by upgrading to the latest versions of their web browsers. Further, older browsers have security flaws which are fixed in newer versions. We recommend these browsers for the best TherapyNotes experience:


Microsoft regularly releases security fixes for Windows. However, they only do this for supported versions of Windows, which currently includes Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. All users should be installing security updates from Microsoft regularly! This can be configured to occur automatically.

We encourage all Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10. If you are unable to upgrade to Windows 10, Windows 7 users must install install Service Pack 1 and Windows 8 users must upgrade to 8.1. Without these updates your PCs are insecure and not supported by Microsoft or TherapyNotes. Older versions of Windows such as XP or Vista are also not supported.

The latest versions of Microsoft EdgeGoogle ChromeMozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 provide a great TherapyNotes experience. TherapyNotes also works with Internet Explorer 10, but support for this version is being removed in the very near future. Microsoft Edge, which is bundled with Windows 10, is the latest Microsoft browser. TherapyNotes does not support Internet Explorer 9. 


The latest versions of Apple SafariGoogle Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are all great options. Updating your Mac to the latest version of OS X is necessary to address security issues and for the best experience. To update your Mac, go to App Store > Updates.


TherapyNotes has been specially enhanced for a great experience on iPad's built in Safari web browser. TherapyNotes also works on the iPhone, although with a less optimal viewing experience. Regularly updating your device to the latest version of iOS is important to address security issues and for the best experience. To update your device, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Android, Linux, and Other Operating Systems

TherapyNotes also works on Android and Linux, and may also work with other operating systems or alternative browsers. Be sure to keep up with the latest versions of your operating system and web browsers. We reserve the right to limit support for obscure devices.

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    Greg Klassen

    I thought it might be helpful for therapy notes to review another web browser application for iOS devices. It's called iCabMobile and so far it's by far a superior experience to anything Safari provides. Though I have a new iPad and current operating system, while using Safari I find it difficult to select individual boxes when filling out an intake form or even completing progress notes. The cursor jumps around and is extremely difficult to control. On icabmobile it's extremely fluid and accurate. Plus, it's the only mobile iOS web browser that offers the ability to upload and download files. Also extremely helpful in making my office completely paperless as I can download the clients forms from One company and upload the results into the client chart all without a desktop. If you're interested in more what I do, I'd be happy to share my information with other users. Well worth the three dollars that the mobile browser app costs. And, no, it's not my company and I make nothing off of this recommendation.

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    Brad Pliner

    Recommendations were updated on 10/10/2015. Windows XP is not supported, as it's highly insecure. Internet Explorer (IE) 9 is the minimum version of IE that is ok to use, although we encourage Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10 which includes Edge, the successor to IE.

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    Jill A. Hagen

    Again, using Google, screen display for monthly calendar is not displaying correctly:
    Instead of showing Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat columns is showing SUN/SAT, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday.
    It doesn't do this all the time and doesn't do this when I use internet explorer. Is there a way I can fix the Google issue so I don't have to waste time going in and logging with Google only to find that the calendar is not displaying correctly?

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    In Google Chrome click the magnifying glass in the upper right of the browser, then click "Reset to Default".

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    Brad Pliner

    Article was updated with more information, such as the note that we will be dropping support for IE 9 and 10.

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    Dawn Blumrich

    I'm having an issue with Edge remembering my password. Chrome did this fine, as it becomes a nuisance to re-type passwords each time I log out during a day. Is this an Edge issue or TherapyNotes? I've attempted to reset the ability for Edge to remember passwords several time, but it never works for TherapyNotes; although, it will work for other websites.