How do I track user activities or review an audit trail?



TherapyNotes keeps an Activity Log of most activities on the site for the purposes of security, auditing, and accountability of staff. The activity log includes items such as:

  • Viewing, creating, editing, or signing notes
  • Adding or editing patient information
  • Logging on
  • Failed login attempts

All users can run an activity log on their own activity. Only users assigned the role of Practice Administrator and Clinical Administrator can access the activity log for other users in the account. 

View Your Own Activity 

  • Click the User Icon > Profile > "Information" tab > "Security & Activity" section > "View Activity Log" 


View the Activity of Other Users 

  • Click STAFF > Click staff user > "Information" tab > "Security & Activity" section > "View Activity Log" 


  • Click the User Icon > Settings > "Activity Log"



Using the Activity Log 

 User Name: Select a user from the dropdown, or search "Any User"

 Patient: To search the activity of a single patient click "Any Patient", then search for a patient. Or search for the activity of all patients in the practice by leaving "Any Patient"

 Action Type: Use this dropdown to select what type of activity you want to search through. 

 Date: Select a date range. The maximum range is 3 months. 


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    Pamela Pitlanish

    This needs to be modified. There are so many items in the drop-down, that it's nearly impossible to click on each one for a period of more than 3 days back.

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    Thank you for your feedback, I will forward it to management for review.