Main Billing Page


The main billing page houses practice-wide billing actions and reports. The functions available to you will vary depending on if you have billing features enabled on your account. Whether or not you have billing features enabled, you will have the ability to search for all billable transactions. The results of this search form a convenient report to assist with the billing process. The biller therefore does not need access to notes to perform their duties.

 Patient and Insurance Billing Links 

This section contains links related to patient and insurance billing, as well as billing reports. Below are links that provide tutorials for some of the items. 

 Custom Billing Search Filter

Use this section to perform a custom search through the entire practice's billing items.  

 Results of Custom Billing Search

The results of the search display in this table. Click the headers to sort the results. To export the results into an Excel spreadsheet, click the "Export Spreadsheet" button. To customize what columns appear in the table, click the "Select Columns" button. 

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    Jessica Abell

    I completely disagree with your statement above that "The biller therefore does not need access to notes to perform their duties." There are several insurances, especially EAP companies, that require me as a biller to look at the notes in order to bill. Some insurances want copies of the notes sent to them with a bill. Others just ask for specific information related to the visit for billing that is in the note. Also, I need access to notes in order to get insurance authorizations.

    I have worked in the medical field for over 12 years & have always had access to notes in every other job I have had. I realize that mental health is different than medical. However, I am not breaking HIPAA by viewing the notes to complete my job, as I work for the company & am only viewing notes in order to complete my job.

    I feel that you should either give a biller access to notes or at least the Practice Administrator. We have 8 therapists at our office, so it is a HUGE hassle to track them down in order to get notes just so I can bill!!

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    Although we understand that it is possible for non-clinical staff to need access to specific notes, the majority of administrative staff do not. TherapyNotes strongly values the privacy of patient data, and restricting access based on roles is the best solution to prevent any users who do not need to see this data from accessing it. We are planning to expand our role set to include options for administrative staff to access clinical notes, however this is a high-level security concern and we need to figure out the logistics for the best solution. Therefore, we do not have an ETA as to when new roles will be released. Thank you for your feedback and we will take this into consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.