User Accounts and Roles


Access control, or the selective limiting of access to a resource, is an important part of your account's security. Not every user on your TherapyNotes account needs access to every single piece of information in the account - administrative staff might not need access to clinical information, and clinicians might not need access to the practice’s financial information.

TherapyNotes utilizes two types of access controls to help maintain your security: user accounts and roles. Staff User Accounts are the individual accounts of each person who uses TherapyNotes. An account is defined by the unique username and password. No two people should be using the same login credentials - doing so is a violation of the TherapyNotes Terms of Service. For information on how to add another user to your account, read How To: Create or Edit a User. This allows the activity log to record the actions of each user, which helps for monitoring practice activity and compliance with regulations.

The second type of access control is roles. Roles limit access to different parts of TherapyNotes based on the job functions of the user.

Overview of Roles

Clinician: In TherapyNotes, a Clinician is any person who provides services to a client. This may include psychologists, therapists, case managers, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists, among many others. Clinicians are able to access and complete various note templates to document their work; however, Clinicians can only access documentation for clients to whom they are assigned. Like all users in the system, Clinicians will be able to see contact information for all clients regardless of whom the client is assigned to.

Practice Scheduler: A Practice Scheduler has access to all Clinicians' schedules and may schedule and cancel appointments. They have access to add, edit, and remove clients. A Practice Scheduler can create Missed Appointment Notes, Contact Notes, and Miscellaneous Notes, but they may not create clinical notes. Schedulers do not have their own calendar or appointments (unless they also have the role of Clinician).

Practice Biller: A Practice Biller has full access to billing in TherapyNotes. Practice Billers are able to generate and track claims, enter payments, and run billing reports. They have access to all clients in the TherapyNotes account, although they are not able to see clinical notes. Billers do not have their own calendar or appointments (unless they also have the role of Clinician).

Biller For Assigned Patients Only: A Clinician who also has this role has the ability to enter and view client billing information and payments for their clients only. They are not able to submit claims to insurance or access practice-wide billing reports.

TherapyNotes Practice Administrator: A Practice Administrator has the ability to create and edit user accounts, assign their roles, and reset passwords for other users. The Practice Administrator may also configure many of the global settings for TherapyNotes.

Clinical Administrator: A Clinical Administrator has full access to all clients and client notes, whether or not they are assigned to that client. Clinical Administrators also have the ability to assign any client to any Clinician, thereby granting access to all of that client's notes to the Clinician. Note: Clinical Administrators must also have the role of Clinician (with their own schedule and To-Do list). Clinical Administrators are the only users able to delete a signed note.

Supervisor: A Supervisor may access, review, approve, and co-sign notes of supervised Clinicians and Interns. If a Supervisor also has the role of Clinician, other Clinicians and/or Interns are able to bill with the Supervisor’s credentials using the Bill as Supervisor feature

Intern: An Intern has similar function as a Clinician but with some limitations. Interns do not have an NPI and therefore can only bill under a Supervisor’s credentials. "Intern" must be included in the Formal Name field of the User Information section in their staff profile.

Using Access Controls

Consider what access each of your users need in TherapyNotes. As a user’s needs change (for example, by becoming licensed and moving from an Intern to a Clinician or taking on new job functions), be sure to keep their roles updated. Note: Only Practice Administrators may change a user's roles.

To change your own roles:

  • Click the User Icon > Profile > Information tab
  • Click anywhere on the Roles box to edit
  • Select the checkbox next to each role that should be assigned to the user
  • Click the Save Changes button

To change another user's roles:

  • Click Staff > Staff Name > Information tab
  • Click anywhere on the Roles box to edit
  • Select the checkbox next to each role that should be assigned to the user
  • Click the Save Changes button
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    Anne Smith

    Can a user be set up for more than one role? Can the practice administrator use the billing and scheduling functions?

  • Avatar


    You can provide the role of practice biller and scheduler to the practice administrator by going to settings> staff user accounts> click the user> edit under roles and choose the roles you would like them to have. If you have any questions please contact support at 215-658-4550 or via email at

  • Avatar
    Jesse Thompson

    I have an intern that I would like to be able to bill and record payments for her clients, but not all. However, I am not seeing the "Biller for Assigned Patients Only" Option. Please advise.

    Edited by Jesse Thompson
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    The 'Intern' role is limited, in that these users are not able to bill without a supervisor. These users do not have access to billing features. In order to assign this user the role of 'Biller for Assigned Patients Only', you would need to change their role from Intern to Clinician. If you have further questions, please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Molly Fechter-Leggett

    We have an administrative role that requires access to view clinical documents, it appears our only option is to make them a clinician. It would be helpful if there was an administrative role that could view all clinical document but not create or edit a clinical document.

  • Avatar


    Thank you for your feedback. We do plan to update user roles in the future. I will forward your feedback to management for consideration. If you have any questions please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.

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    David Thornsen

    I have a clinician who billed some sessions under their own NPI number because it wasn’t set up to bill as supervisor. I have changed the settings so everything should be good going forward. How can I change the billing settings for the sesssions that have already been billed and rejected? I can’t find the drop down anywhere to change the way these sessions are being billed. Thanks for your help.

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    The supervised clinician would need to correct the note header and re-sign the note so that the supervisor is prompted to co-sign the note. Please have the supervisee follow the below steps:

    Click Patients > Patient Name > Documents tab

    Click the edit icon (pencil) to the right of the note.

    Click Edit on the upper right of the header.

    Make sure the correct Supervisor is listed in the Supervision dropdown.
    From the drop-down below, select Signature Required; Billing as Supervisor.
    Click the Update Note Header button.
    Re-sign and save the note.

    Now the Supervisor will receive a To-Do list item to review and sign the note. Once the Supervisor signs and saves the note, the claim will be ready to bill. If you have further questions, please contact our Success Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.