Systems Security


TherapyNotes encrypts all system data in the database using a very strong encryption. Backups are performed  nightly, and backup tapes are also encrypted. Backups are taken offsite regularly. TherapyNotes utilizes https (SSL) to encrypt all communication between your web browser and our servers. The SSL certificate also verifies that you are logging into

User Responsibilities:

  • Secure your computer! Make sure your PC has updated antivirus protection, is kept up-to-date, is behind a firewall, and does not have any malware such as viruses or keystroke loggers that could be used to steal your password.
  • Set up your computer to automatically lock after it is unattended for a period of time, such as 15 minutes.
  • Do not use software or web browser settings to automatically enter your TherapyNotes password.
  • Do not log on to TherapyNotes from an untrusted computer, such as a CyberCafe. All computer activity could be recorded.
  • Do not save sensitive data such as downloaded notes to an unsecure location on your computer.
  • Consider setting IP address limits in the settings, so that only computers within your practice can access TherapyNotes.
  • Make sure the site you are logging into is TherapyNotes. You should see "" in the address bar (note the https). The address bar should be green because of our extended validation certificate.    
  • Do not use your computer such that other people, such as patients in your office, can see what you are doing.
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    Jacqueline Anderegg

    This password changing is confusing and inconvenient to the max! PLEASE PROVIDE BETTER INSTRUCTION ASAP. I cannot register a new password for some reason!

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    I do not see that you have a password reset pending. If you forgot your password please go to log in and click on forgot passwords. If you are still having trouble please give us a call at 2156584550.