How To: Schedule Clinical Appointments


In order to document a session, a corresponding appointment must be added to the calendar. Scheduling the appointment will tell TherapyNotes what type of note you need to write, and information from the appointment will be automatically populated in the note header, saving you from entering information that TherapyNotes already has available. Scheduled appointments impact the type of documentation available for the appointment, the information included on insurance claims, and your clients' ability to view accurate availability on the client portal.

TherapyNotes offers several ways to create clinical appointments, allowing you to choose whichever method is most convenient for your individual workflow.

Role Required: Practice Scheduler, Clinician, Clinical Administrator, Intern, Supervisor, or Biller

To schedule a clinical appointment:

  • Click Scheduling
  • Do one of the following
    • Click the Create New Appointment button
    • Double-click on a date on the calendar
    • Hover over a date on the calendar and click the plus sign (+)

Appointments may also be scheduled for specific clients directly from their chart.

To schedule a clinical appointment from a patient's chart:

  • Click Patients > Patient Name > Schedule tab
  • Click the Create Appointment button

No matter how you choose to schedule your appointment, the New Appointment dialog will appear. Complete the fields as accurately as possible to ensure that the information on the subsequent documentation and insurance claim is correct.


(A) Type: The selection in this dropdown determines 1) which Clinicians will be available to schedule the appointment with, 2) which service codes can be connected with the appointment, and 3) which note template will be available to the Clinician at the time of the appointment. For example, if you select Therapy Intake, only Clinicians with a Psychotherapy type will be available from the Clinician dropdown, only service codes under the service type Therapy Intake will be available from the Service Code dropdown, and the Clinician will be prompted to complete a Psychotherapy Intake Note once the session has begun.

(B) Service Code: The service codes you have available for the appointment depend on the Type selected above. For example, if you need to bill for a 90791 intake code, set your service type to Therapy Intake.

(C) Frequency: Appointments in TherapyNotes can be one-time or recurring. Recurring appointments may continue indefinitely or end on a specified date.

(D) Appointment Alert: Appointment alerts are identified with a bell icon on the calendar and are visible to the entire practice. In Agenda, Day, and Week view, appointment alerts are shown below the corresponding appointment. Hover over the appointment in Month view to view the alert.

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    Elizabeth Shannon Strull

    I accidentally created duplicate appointments at the same time/day for the same patient. How do I delete?

  • Avatar

    Go to the scheduling tab and click on the duplicate time on the date. When the pop up appears click "cancel appointment" at the bottom, you can then click on "delete" on the top in the yellow bar.

  • Avatar
    N. Diane Stamey

    I am not sure how to put an appointment in.

  • Avatar

    Go to "Scheduling" click "create new appointment" in the top right, select the type of entry, enter the patient name, select the clinician, service code, enter the date and time, then click "create appointment. Once the appointment is saved, a to do item will appear in your to do list with a link to create the note. If you have any further questions please contact support at 215-658-4550 or via email

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    Rebekah Zepeda

    Is there a way to see who scheduled the appointment?

  • Avatar

    Click the user icon at the top right of your TherapyNotes, from the drop-down menu select "settings", click on "Activity Log", under action type select "User creates new appointments", select a date range, and click search.

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    Cydcherease McDaniel
    How do I set-up available appointments for online scheduling??
  • Avatar
    Cydcherease, First, set up your work schedule. User Icon > Settings > Work Schedules. To learn more about work schedules, see this article: Next, set up your Client Portal. User Icon > Settings > Client Portal. To learn more about setting up your Client Portal, see this article:
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    Karen Powell

    If you put in an appointment reminder for a session, can the client see that on their email reminder?

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    Appointment reminders are only visible to Practice Schedulers and the assigned Clinician. The appointment reminder does not get transferred into the patient's appointment reminder.

  • Avatar
    Bonnie Chaput

    I am in private practice and only want client names to show on appointment days and times on my calendar. How do I make that happen?

    Thank you,