Scheduling Overview


The calendar is the glue between tracking clinician schedules, patient appointments, corresponding notes, and billing. View calendars for specific clinicians, for all clinicians, or even for a particular patient. Includes monthly, weekly, and daily views, or easily view your upcoming agenda.

With TherapyNotes scheduling, you can:
  • Easily create recurring or one-time appointments
  • Assign service codes to appointments
  • Create individual or group appointments
  • Set staff work schedules and blackout dates
  • Add practice-wide items such as staff meetings
  • Ties into the To Do system, which tells you what notes to do
  • Ties into the Billing features which knows what you need to bill for
  • Create 'Scheduler' accounts which do not have access to notes
  • Schedulers can see everyone's calendars, or selected clinicians' calendars
  • View your calendar from your smart phone
  • View your calendar within Outlook or other software
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    Dave Silvers

    Is there an aging report associated with when the last time a client was scheduled for, or had attended a session? If so, how would this be accessed.

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    Dave, as Jordan mentioned when he reached out directly, you can generate a report by performing the following:

    Go to "Patients" and find the patient in question. You can see the last appointment column next to their name.

    You can also sort by the last appointment date by clicking on "last appt". You can also export this as an excel file by clicking on "export as excel spreadsheet" at the top right, and then you can use the information however you'd like.

    I hope this helps!


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    Melissa Satti

    This calendar is very difficult for groups. You can't easily find consistant openings because it doesnt give you the ability to set the schedule by slots vs. whole shifts. Also, in a group, it is helpful to view other peoples schedule to see who is scheduled in the office at the same time so that if there is a need to see someone outside of your shift, it is extremely difficult to determine where those openings are. The only way is to see shifts people are scheduled for but without telling if they are on vacation, or if they have anyone scheduled at a particular time, it lacks the clarity that is helpful for therapists to have in a group practice. Is there any way of allowing clinicians to see all the calendars in the practice without giving them full scheduling rights to the other therapists?

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    Thank you for your feedback. We will forward your feedback to management for review. Thank you!

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    Stefanie Goldman

    Hi is there a way to change the color assigned to a counselor in the calendar

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    I am very sorry but the way the system works it will not allow you to change your own color, only another clinicians.If you go to "Scheduling", click on "set calendar view", then click on the color next to the clinicians name, then select the color and click "set Calendar color".

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    Martha Powers

    Is there an option for checking a client in as arrived without doing the note at the same time?

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    Thank you for your feedback. We will forward your feedback to management for review. Thank you!

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    We like to print out the days schedule in order to give reminder calls to patients, but it only prints out the names. Any way to have the phone numbers printed along with the schedule?
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    Jeannie, Unfortunately there is not a way to print the patient phone numbers on the schedule. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will forward this to management as a feature request. 

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    Marya McNorton

    Can clinicians see each others' schedules/calendars at all? It would be nice if they could at least see when other clinicians are in and when they're with clients (obviously not any client details).

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    In order to see each other's calendars, the users need to be assigned the role of "Practice Scheduler". Click STAFF > Click staff user > "Information" tab > "Roles" box > Check "Practice Scheduler" > Save changes. This will allow the user to access all scheduling functions, which includes seeing the full names of the patients of other clinicians.

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    Kevin Kane

    Hello, We have two locations and nine therapist and it is hard to remember who's where when is there a way to color code locations as well as therapist?

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    To view other locations, click SCHEDULING then the gray "Set Calendar View" button. From here you can select to view one location, or all locations. The information below overviews how the TherapyNotes calendar is color coded. Unfortunately TherapyNotes does not support color coding per location.

    When viewing your calendar only:

    The colors are based on the type of appointment (intake, therapy session, etc.). You cannot change colors for types of appointments.

    When viewing multiple clinicians’ calendars:

    The colors are based on the clinician's assigned color. To change the color assignment per clinician, click the gray "Set Calendar View" button then click the color to the left of the clinician’s name. The color changes apply within your account only, and does not change the colors on the calendar when other people log into the account. When you are viewing multiple clinician's calendars, your own appointments are color coded by appointment type.

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    Ryan Vienna


    I would like to follow up on Melissa's post from June 17, 2015. Let me state the "Problem" and see if you (support) can advise of a solution.

    We have one office. We are looking to add one or two more clinicians to our practice. These clinicians will utilize our office when it is not scheduled by our primary psychologist.

    With that model in mind, if a client was to go to the TherapyPortal the scheduling handling priority should be:

    Location (Office or room) availability, then checked against Clinician availability.

    Looking at the functionality behind what you've created to date, I imagine you've already incorporated this and perhaps I just haven't figured it out. Please let me know. If not, it seems there is a need for it and it would greatly help our practice as we grow. If this functionality doesn't exist, feel free to give me a ring. I'd be happy to storyboard with your engineers or assist with the scope/requirements.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    The current behavior in TherapyNotes if a client uses TherapyPortal to schedule an appointment is that they are asked to select the following:

    1. Status (new or existing client)
    2. Appointment type (therapy or medication management)
    3. Location
    4. Clinician

    Depending on what the client chooses we show availability for the location and clinician. I will forward your feedback to management for review, If you have any questions please contact support at 215-658-4550 or via email at

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    Megan Miessler

    We are having a problem with out schedulers that when viewing "All Clinicians" on one day Therapy Notes will only show the Clinicians that have clients that day instead of everyone in our practice. Is there a way to change this setting so that every day they can see everyone's schedule?

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    As of now, when set to the 'Day' view the schedule will only display clinicians who have appointments scheduled for that day. Updating scheduling features is something we hope to do in a future update, and I will add this to our list of suggestions. If you have further questions, please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550. Thank you.

    Edited by Rachael
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    Rebecca Dent

    Is there a way to know who scheduled the appointment? We have multiple people who handle the schedules and it would be nice to know who made each appointment in case we have questions later on?

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    The appointments do not currently show which user scheduled the item. You are able to find this information by looking at the activity log for each scheduler. This can be done by Clicking Staff > Select Staff member > 'View Activity Log' in the 'Security & Activity' section. If you have further questions, please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.