How To: Enable Voice Dictation


TherapyNotes does not have integrated dictation capabilities, but various third party options are available, some of which you may have already.

Follow the steps below to enable dictation functionality on your device.


  • Click the Apple menu icon
  • Select System Preferences
  • Click the Dictation & Speech icon
  • For Dictation select the On radio button


  • Click the Start menu icon
  • Scroll down the list of applications and select Windows Ease of Access
  • Click Windows Speech Recognition and follow the prompts

iPad / iPhone:

  • Tap the field in TherapyNotes you wish to enter text by speech
  • Tap the microphone icon on the keyboard
  • Tap Enable Dictation

Other voice dictation software can be used with TherapyNotes, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, and may include many features not available with your computer's built-in dictation application.

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    Kathleen Munsell

    Do you have to have an app when using a laptop or is there a way to access your microphone. Also, when using my iPad it will dictate fine but when I push done it erases everything without warning - anyone else have this issue?

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    We do not have an app as you can access TherapyNotes as long as you have internet access. In reference to your issue with the iPad dictation. This was an apple bug and has since been resolved in their most recent update. Please go to your iPad settings and click on "General", then click on "software update". Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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    Debra Peters

    I have dragon naturally speaking software. How do I interface that with Therapy Notes to dictate?

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    Dragon Naturally speaking works great with TherapyNotes! Dragon - Naturally Speaking is what we recommend that you use. Once you successfully install this on your computer, you can begin using it with TherapyNotes! You will click on a field where you would like to input content and begin speaking (instead of typing). Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you

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    Rhonda Porro

    Can you use any handwriting apps to text the same way as Dragon is used?

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    We do not test handwriting applications. However if the application is compatible with the fields in the browser than it should work.

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    Urminda Firlan

    I have a Microsoft Surface with the stylist pen. You need to select the touch keyboard that looks like paper and pen. You can then click in the Therapy Notes (TN) field to which you wish to input. Next just write your content onto the blank box provided on the pen keyboard application. When you hit enter, the text will appear in the TN box you selected.

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    Urminda Firlan

    I have a question about using Dragon Fly Dictation to enter session notes. When I say "click tab", the cursor goes all over the screen to random locations but does not follow a logical order. Is this a setting I can change on my computer or is this a fluke in Therapy Notes programming?

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    We apologize, but we do not test the compatibility of dictation programs with TherapyNotes. We are unable to advise you on how to best configure your settings for this purpose. You could give the software a call to see if they can assist you in these settings. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.

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    Stefan Becker

    I had a similar question about moving through the fields with drop down menus and check boxes. Jordan, would you say that the Therapy Notes interface on a note, any note, is designed to be navigated through and completed by hand with an ability (this part has been tested) to use dictation in text entry fields only?

    Also, have you tested Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium?

    Thanks so much,

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    Urminda Firlan

    Yes Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium works beautifully. See my note above to Rachel about the current keyboard programming of the tab key. This is the biggest problem because you have to click in every field. Once you have clicked there the dictation works perfectly. The dictation use of the tab key works beautifully too. It works exactly as it does if you use the keyboard. The only problem is TN does not have it set up so the keyboard tab function flows in a sequential way. It literally pops all over the place. If they fixed this, the dictation would work even better because you would not first have to click in the field. I hope this helps some.

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    Lisa Taylor-Austin

    I have a mac and these directions are not accurate. There are some differences with the newer macs and ios