Credit Card Processing Application and Fees


TherapyNotes offers integrated credit card processing at low rates while waiving a variety of typical fees.

Associated Fees

  • Gateway Fee: $10/month. Monthly fee for using the processor's payment gateway
  • Rates: 2.6% per each Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® transaction; 2.89% per each American Express® transaction
  • Visa® Acquirer Network Fee: ~$3/month (varies by size of organization)
  • MasterCard® License Volume Fee: 0.0019% of gross MasterCard® processing volume
  • MasterCard® Location Fee: $1.25/month
  • Access Fee: $0.0299 per Visa, MasterCard® and Discover® transaction; $0.15 per American Express® transaction. The Access Fee applies to all U.S.-based credit card authorizations acquired in the U.S. regardless of where the issuer/cardholder is located
  • Chargeback Fee: $30. Chargebacks only apply when a credit card is used without the consent of the card holder.

Apply for Credit Card Processing

Note: Only Practice Administrators can apply for credit card processing.

Complete the merchant application

Click the User Icon > Settings > Patient Credit Card Processing > Apply Now

You will be prompted to fill out an application for Ignite Payments of Willow Grove, a partner company of TherapyNotes to manage credit card merchant accounts. For assistance with the application process, please contact our support team.

Complete all sections of the application completely and accurately. Below are some general tips for completing your merchant application.

In the Service Information section:

  • Would you like to Accept American Express®?: If you would like to accept American Express cards, you will need to complete an addendum to your merchant account. Select Yes and contact our support team to obtain the necessary paperwork
  • Would you like to add Data Protection?: Select Yes. This enables you to securely store cards in TherapyNotes using security tokens rather than raw credit card data
  • Would you like Month End Discount Billing?: Select Yes. This will charge you monthly for fees, instead of daily

In the Business Information section:

  • Select the Business Category: Select Medical Services and Doctors
  • Select the Business Description: Select Medical Services & Health Practitioners
  • Marketing Percentage %: Marketing Percentage involves how you intend to enter credit cards. Keyed With Imprint Percent identifies cards entered using a card reader, while Keyed Without Imprint Percent identifies manually entered cards. The total of these fields must equal 100%
  • Marketing Method: Enter 100% in Face to Face
  • What is the timeframe from the transaction to delivery of product/service?: With therapy and other behavioral health services, the transaction timeframe is typically same day. Enter 100% in 0-7 days
  • Combined Estimated MaterCard/VISA/Discover Monthly Volume: Estimate how much you will charge to credit cards (total) over the course of a month
  • Typical MasterCard/VISA/Discover Ticket/Sales Amount: This is the estimated amount you would charge per transaction

Wait for your approval email

Typically, merchant account applications take 1 to 5 business days to process. Occasionally, you may be asked to provide additional documentation, which may delay the process. If additional information is required, our support team will reach out to you to assist you with the process.

Once your merchant account is approved, you will receive an email from Ignite Payments with your merchant ID. You will also receive additional information from TherapyNotes about how to get started with processing cards through TherapyNotes.

American Express may require separate approval.

Purchase the recommended USB card reader (Optional)

You are not required to swipe cards to charge them in TherapyNotes, but we strongly recommend it. Swiping cards reduces the chance of data entry error and decreases processing time. We recommend purchasing a USB card reader to process cards with your TherapyNotes account.

At this time, TherapyNotes credit card processing does not support the use of EMV (chip cards) or contactless payment.

Next Steps

After you have received notice of your merchant account approval, you will receive two emails from Ignite Payments with login information for your Payeezy Global Gateway, an eCommerce solution where your credit card transactions are processed and managed. Use the username and password sent to your to set up the gateway.

Once you are able to log in to the gateway, click the User Icon > Settings > Patient Credit Card Processing to see how to integrate credit card processing into your TherapyNotes account. This will allow you to process payments directly through TherapyNotes instead of visiting Ignite Payment's Payeezy Global Gateway.

To avoid additional fees:

  • Enroll with ClientLine to manage your billing preferences, and elect to receive electronic statements to avoid a monthly $9.95 paper statement fee
  • Create an account with PCI Rapid Comply to begin the PCI Compliance process. This process ensures your computer and network meet the standards for safety and security set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). You have 3 months from the date of approval of your account to complete the process. Otherwise, you will be charged a monthly $19.95 PCI Non-Compliance Fee

Additional merchant account addendums available

Please contact TherapyNotes support to obtain the necessary paperwork for any of these addendums. 

Next Day Funding: Typically, funds take 48 – 72 hours to be processed and deposited into your bank account. This addendum will reduce the time to 24 – 48 hours.

Bank Account Update: Complete this addendum if you need to change the bank account into which funds are deposited. This is also used to set up dual banking, in which fees are withdrawn from one account and funds are deposited into another. There is a $30 processing fee that Ignite Payments will debit from your new account.

Name Change Request: If your DBA/Legal Name changes, report the change using this addendum. This requires additional documentation supporting the name change.

If you would like us to assist you in providing this information to Ignite Payments, click the User Icon > Contact Us > Send a File to TherapyNotes Staff to send us your completed paperwork.

Support for Credit Card Processing

In most cases, the TherapyNotes support team will be able to assist you with questions about credit card processing and allocating payments in your TherapyNotes account. If we cannot resolve the issue for you, we will contact the processor on your behalf. However, there are some circumstances when you may need to contact them directly:

  • For virtual terminal assistance, including password resets, contact Payeezy support at (855) 448-3493
  • For questions about credit card statements, contact Merchant Services at (877) 274-7915


These materials were prepared by Ignite Payments of Willow Grove, an independent sales agent for Ignite Payments, LLC. All trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners. Ignite Payments, LLC is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA

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    I will personally reach out to you in regards to this to further assist you. Thank you.

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    Charles Dustin Johnson

    Hmm...where did the old post go with the other comments?
    Well, after using this merchant account for a few months, I can say that the effective rate is 3.17%. That includes PCI compliance, paperless, and no AmEx. This compares to square effective of about 2.8%. Both of these are on $10,000 of sales, average transaction around $30, over the course of 3 months. If you do more sales per month than this, the numbers will get a little closer.
    So, is it cheaper than square? Absolute not. However the convenience of being integrated makes up for it in our situation. We have probably collected a few copays that we wouldn't otherwise have collected with card on file. In the end, we came out ahead in money and convenience. I hope you will leave this up because it answers the questions I was unable to get answered a few months ago.

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    The previous comment was not intended for TherapyNotes as it was for First Data.I will reach out to you in regards to your merchant account. Thank you.

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    Tatiana Morris

    I think this article has to be connected with the Card Processing thing from the start. I could have avoided half of my problems with this credit card processing if I read it first.

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    Thank you for your feedback.We value your input and will forward your feedback to management for review. Thank you!

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    Gina Schuchman

    Is there an extra charge for charging without a card to swipe? Once we've entered a client's info and don't swipe the next time is there an extra fee? How much are the card readers?

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    There is not an extra charge for manually entering a card in TherapyNotes. We provide you the ability to enter a client's credit card and store it securely in their TherapyNotes chart. The card swiper is about $50 and can be purchased from the link below.

    If you have any questions please contact support at 215-658-4550 or via email at

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    karen reed

    Are you charged more for typing in the credit card information instead of swiping it?

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    The processing fees are remain the same, regardless of the entry method. If you have further questions please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550, or by email at Thank you

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    Joan Normandy-Dolberg

    I'm confused. If you have the credit card info on file, why would you need to swipe a card each time you see a client? I would assume that you can charge them automatically at the end of each session. Perhaps there is some informaiton I'm missing.

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    Once the card information is saved in the system, you will be able to select the card from the 'Payment Method' drop down list when entering a patient payment. If the patient wishes to not have you store their card on file then when entering or swiping their card then simply do not choose to save it. If you have further questions, please contact our Support Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.

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    Dr. Rosemary McCullough, Ph.D

    Hi-Is there a way to send the patient an emailed receipt for each charge? (I do this on Intuit and many of the patients like to have a receipt after each visit.

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    You can generate a receipt by following the steps below. After downloading the receipt, you can email this information to the patient using a secure service such as Hushmail. At this time, TherapyNotes does not offer a secure messaging feature. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Success Team at 215-658-4550 or by email at Thank you.

    To create a receipt, first enter the patient payment:

    Click PATIENTS > Click patient > "Patient Billing" tab > "Enter Patient Payment" > Enter, allocate, and save the payment

    Next, download or print the receipt:

    1) Click PATIENTS > Click patient > "Patient Billing" tab > "Create Statement"
    2) Select the second radio button and edit the date range to the date of the patient payment. For example, if a patient gives a payment on January 1, 2020 change the date range from 1/1/2020 to 1/1/2020.
    3) If desired, enter information into the "Statement Comment" box, then click the green "Download Statement" or "Print Statement" button.