How Can I Restrict Access To My Practice By Network Address?

TherapyNotes allows your practice to limit access to specified Internet network addresses ("IP Addresses"). This allows you, for example, to only allow users to log in to your practice from within your office. However, this will limit your ability to access the system from home, unless you also enter your network addresses from home. Alternatively, you can connect from home if you have a VPN to your office network.

To enable this feature a Practice Administrator can visit the Computer Access Settings page and disable the option to "allow all IP Addresses to Connect". Then, you can specify an IP address or range of IP addresses to allow access. Each entry allows for a name so that you can document what the address is. For example, you may wish to have an entry for each clinician's home network address. Wildcards are allowed in the IP range to allow for an entire block of addresses.

  • Note: This security feature does not apply to the Practice Administrator, who may log in from unapproved IP addresses.

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