Practice Code

Your Practice Code is the unique identifier for your practice set by you or your Practice Administrator when your TherapyNotes account was created. A welcome email sent to the individual who created the account contains the Practice Code. Every user on the account must enter the Practice Code to log in. When calling support have your Practice Code ready to share with the support team member

Recover Lost Practice Code 

To recover a lost Practice Code, go to the login screen and click "Forgot practice code?" to the top right of the field where you would normally type it in. 

In the form that appears next enter the practice’s phone number then click "Continue". All Practice Codes associated with that phone number appear. Write down a hard copy of the Practice Code for safe keeping then click the link to return to the log in screen. 

If no practices are associated with the phone number fill out the email form on the screen. Be sure to enter the email address that is on file with TherapyNotes then click "Continue". Sign in to your email and look for an email from TherapyNotes with the title "Recover Your TherapyNotes Login Information". Open the email and click the link to see all Practice Codes associated with that email address. Keep a hard copy for safe keeping, then return to the log in screen to enter your Practice Code, User Name, and Password.  

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