Enroll to Receive Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Electronic remittance advice (ERA) is a digital version of an explanation of benefits (EOB). As a TherapyNotes user, you may elect to receive ERA from your payers directly in TherapyNotes, allowing for a shorter turnaround time on claims. TherapyNotes also offers an assisted ERA payment posting feature which scans the ERA for relevant information and records the insurance payment in your account for you. For more information, read Post ERA Payments.

Most payers require enrollment paperwork in order to send your ERA. This enrollment process is separate from the enrollment process to submit claims electronically. In the event that a payer does not support sending ERA directly to TherapyNotes, you also have the option to upload externally received ERA files.

Prior to completing enrollments, ensure that the information you have entered in TherapyNotes exactly matches the information your payers have on file.

Role Required: Practice Biller

Enroll to receive ERA

To determine the steps you must take to enroll for electronic remittance advice with a payer:

  • Click Payers > Payer Name > Payer Info tab
  • Locate the section labeled Clearinghouse EDI Enrollment Status
  • Find the word ERA

The symbol that is shown next to ERA indicates the enrollment status for the payer.

A grey X indicates that the payer does not support ERA. These payers will send traditional EOBs, and insurance payments must be entered manually.

A green check indicates that you will begin receiving ERA whenever you submit new claims. This occurs if the payer does not require enrollment paperwork or if you have already completed the enrollment paperwork for this payer.

A yellow caution sign indicates that further action is required.

To begin the ERA enrollment process for a payer that requires additional paperwork:

  • Click anywhere on the section labeled Clearinghouse EDI Enrollment Status to edit
  • Select the Begin ERA Enrollment checkbox
  • Click the Save Changes and Enroll button

You will see new information about the ERA enrollment process next to ERA. Follow the instructions provided to enroll to receive ERA, and reference the types of ERA enrollments below for more information.

Types of ERA Enrollments

Type 1: Download and Complete Forms


Most of the information you may need can be found below the enrollment instructions in the Clearinghouse EDI Enrollment Status box in the payer's profile.

Type 2: Enroll Directly with the Payer Online


Download the PDF and follow the instructions to complete enrollment directly on the payer's website. Note: The PDF is not your paperwork. Instead, the PDF contains instructions to complete the paperwork on the payer's website.

Type 3: Set Up Only

After beginning the enrollment process, there is no further action required from you. TherapyNotes will work with the clearinghouse to complete your enrollment. This typically occurs within one business day, and you will automatically begin to receive ERA in TherapyNotes after submitting new claims to the payer.

Type 4: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Required

Some payers require that a provider enrolls for EFT in order to receive ERA. In such cases, you will receive your payment electronically along with your ERA. If EFT enrollment is not a part of the paperwork you download, you will see information on setting up EFT below the ERA enrollment instructions in the Clearinghouse EDI Enrollment Status box in the payer's profile.

Type 5: Contact Payer

Occasionally, payers must be contacted directly to enroll for ERA. Contact the payer using the information provided, and the payer will provide you with specific instructions to set up ERAs.

Type 6: Other

Follow the link to contact our support team. We will provide you with the instructions to enroll to receive ERA for the payer.

ERA Enrollment Approval Process

Once you have completed the necessary enrollments, your paperwork will be processed by the payer. During this process, the payer does not provide any additional feedback to the TherapyNotes staff. If you wish to inquire about the status of your application, please contact the payer directly.

Once your application is approved, you will begin to receive ERA in your TherapyNotes account for any new claims that are submitted to the payer. In the Clearinghouse EDI Enrollment Status box in the payer's profile, a green check will be shown next to ERA to indicate that the enrollment process has been completed.

Tips for Completing the ERA Enrollment Process

  • If you are asked for the trading partner ID (also known as the submitter ID or receiver ID), read What is the Trading Partner ID, Submitter ID, or Receiver ID? for help locating this information.
  • One of the most common reasons for rejected enrollments is a Tax ID or NPI mismatch. Make sure that the information used for enrollment exactly matches the information that your payers have on file.
  • Double check your work to ensure the forms are filled out completely. These forms are not created by TherapyNotes, they are made by the payers. Required fields may not be immediately visible and can result in rejected enrollments.
  • When submitting paperwork, include every page of the PDF you downloaded. Send in pages with just instructions as well as ones where you did not have to make any changes. Every page is required for processing.

When in doubt, contact our support team at (215) 658-4550, option 4. This will connect you directly to our enrollments specialist who will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

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