Clinician Billing Setting Overrides

In some circumstances, a clinician may need to bill with different information than the practice, such as when a clinician is paneled with a payer separately from the practice. A clinician billing setting override allows clinicians to override the default practice information (such as NPI or tax ID) when submitting claims to all or select payers.

Role Required: Practice Biller

To set up a clinician billing setting override:

  • Click Staff > Staff Name > Billing tab
  • Click anywhere on the box labeled Clinician Billing Setting Overrides to edit.

  • Click the + Add Override button.
  • Choose which payer the override affects from the Payer dropdown. Select Any Payer to apply the override to all payers.
  • In the remaining fields, enter only the information that differs from the default practice information. All other fields should be left blank.
Tip: To bill using the Billing Provider information for the practice instead of the clinician's name and NPI, select Non-Person (Type 2) from the Rendering Provider Type dropdown.
  • To enter an override for a different payer, click the + Add Override button.
  • After you have entered all of your overrides, click the Save Changes button.

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