Billing Overview

The TherapyNotes billing functionality is tightly integrated into the system, making your billing a fast, streamlined process. The following core features are part of our billing solution:

  • Submit claims electronically to insurance providers 
  • Track patient balances, including insurance and cash payments
  • Generate patient balance statements
  • Generate CMS-1500 forms for printing
  • Track insurance prior authorizations
  • A Biller user role with only the necessary access for billing-related activities

To set up your account to use the billing features, read Quick Start: Billing

Here are some important pages for billers to be aware of in TherapyNotes:

  • Billing: The Billing tab at the top of the page links to the main Billing page, which includes many practice-wide billing activities and reports, including the ability to search all transactions or enter in-network payments.
  • Patient Billing: There is a Billing tab for each patient. This is where you go for all patient-specific billing activities, including viewing balances and transactions, entering patient payments, entering miscellaneous charges and credits, creating patient statements, and creating superbills and CMS forms.
  • Patient Billing Settings: The patient Billing Settings tab is where you can enter rates, insurance details, and additional claim information for each patient. These settings should be completed for all active patients.
  • Billing tab in the Appointment Dialog: Open any appointment from the calendar and you will see a Billing tab. From here you can select payment methods and policies, enter rates and modifiers, and link to key billing pages.
  • Settings: Practice Information, Practice Billing, and Patient Billing settings (accessed by clicking the User Icon > Settings) must be completed to ensure proper billing. Be sure to enter NPI numbers for the practice and clinicians, and service codes and their default rates. You can also apply for patient credit card processing from the Settings page. 

TherapyNotes automatically determines the rate for an appointment by looking at various settings. If the patient has in-network coverage (as set in that patient's billing settings), the rate of the appointment is determined by the rate schedule you have set for that insurance provider. If the patient is out-of-network or has no insurance, the rate will be determined by the patient's custom rates, if they are set, or by the practice's default rates for the selected service code. Be sure to carefully review all appointments to make sure TherapyNotes has determined the correct rates.

Each appointment can be edited to override payment settings. For example if the patient will be paying less for a particular appointment, go to the appointment and select the Billing tab, and then make necessary billing changes.

Read the other Billing help topics for more information on individual activities.

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