Nonprofit Accounts: Pricing and 501c3 Certification Requirement

Practices categorized as a nonprofit entity during initial sign up must submit a copy of the 501c3 certificate. If the 501c3 certificate is not uploaded within 3 weeks after initial sign up the account switches to standard pricing and the system will not deduct the subscription fee from any credit or debit card on file. Standard pricing is $59/month for the first clinician and $30/month for each clinician thereafter. Once the 501c3 certificate is uploaded any past due charges will be deducted from the credit or debit card on file. Any checks that had been sent to TherapyNotes and not yet cashed because of the pending 501c3 paperwork will be deposited.   

To upload a 501c3 certificate, click the User Icon > “Settings” > “TherapyNotes Subscription”. Under the “Practice Documents and Agreements” section click the link “To qualify for non-profit pricing, upload your 501c3”. 

After clicking the link a blue box generates. Click the blue “Upload 501c3” button. Click “Browse”, locate the file on your device, click “Open”, then click the green “Add Document” button. 

501c3 Upload Reminders

  • If the 501c3 certificate is not uploaded within two weeks after initial sign up, a non-dismissible to-do list item generates. The To-Do list item reads: “Because your practice was specified as a Non-Profit entity, a Non-Profit 501c3 Certificate must be uploaded in order to process your subscription. Please upload a copy of the 501c3 certificate in your Subscription Settings.”
  • Users within a certain set of parameters who still need to upload their 501c3 certificate will also receive a weekly email reminder

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